Skycard "one payment per cycle"

My statement is due tomorrow and I wanted to pay off the balance now so I wouldn't forget.

I tried to do so and the site said no, "one payment per cycle" - ie I have already made a payment since my last statement date!

Do all credit card companies do this?!


  • Elliesmum
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    No - I regularly pay chunks of my credit card during the month. Usually when I've spent the weekly shop money online and I don't want to spend the money again.

    EM xx
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  • MattLFC
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    Ditto; I pay off random amounts on my HSBC crdit card all the time. This month I have made a cash payment of £200, then a couple of small payments totalling about £30.00 or so, and today I have made a payment of £100.

    I basically pay whenever I have money going spare for some reason, or I want to round my current account balance off to a nice even figure (say I have £267, ill pay £17 so it looks nice lol).

    I can't see why Sky Card would not want you to make more than one payment; what if you paid only half the minimum payment the first time, because that's all you had, and planned to make a second payment to pay the rest of the minimum payment??
  • benf90
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    If I remember correctly they can limit the amount of debit card payments you make each month as it's not 'legal tender'. It's also known as 'forced tender' I think.

    I'm not sure if that's the correct terminology, but basically they're not required by law to accept debit card payments. They offer that facility as an extra service etc.

    But, electronic payments such as BACS are 'legal tender' and must be accepted.

    The way to get around their 'one payment per cycle' rule is to use another payment method. Just get their account details and send a BACS payment to them from your bank account, easily done if you bank online.

    Not all credit card companies do it. I'm pretty sure that neither Egg or Asda (GE Money) limit the amount of times you can make a debit card payment.

    But, Lloyds TSB don't even give me the option of making a debit card payment online.
  • Dave_®f©
    No limit on the amount of payments per month with Halifax credit card. I often spend on credit card and pay online within a day or two multiple times per month.
  • x_raphael_xx
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    MattLFC wrote: »
    I basically pay whenever I have money going spare for some reason, or I want to round my current account balance off to a nice even figure (say I have £267, ill pay £17 so it looks nice lol).

    I do that :rotfl: I like my credit card balance to be nice round numbers, even paying the pennies :D
    Then they annoy me by taking the '£22.57' fees & charges and messing it up again :rotfl:
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  • SarahNeedle1872
    I have a Skycard too and it is the only one of my 5 cards that only allows you to make one payment.... very annoying! Luckily for me the balance is the last one on my snowball that needs paying, so its minimum payments for now... I regularly make small payments of my cards (£3.96 yesterday) when I get Quidco/ebay etc money so that it doesn't get taken up by something else
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  • BankingHood
    Multiple payments sometimes cause problems as they may be seen as duplicate payments. Call customer services and ask if you can pay the balance off. Ask for the interest to be suspended for 1 cycle if you need to.
  • mel_mel
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    I have the same problem as I get my money fortnightly. I just send a cheque to them if it says no payment and it goes through ok. So I can't really see the reason behind there logic.(or shall I say lack of it). I would ring them and tell them you want to pay it all off, although I did this as well once and you'd think I was asking them to give me money. Spoke to 3 people and felt like a bloody criminal,told them so as well. But it was ok in end.
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