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Sealed Pot Challenge 2 "The Return"

edited 30 August 2009 at 1:13AM in Debt-Free Wannabe
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  • Hi guys, serial lurker #239 here. I've got 2 pots on the go - a terramundi which is for silver only which I started in March, and a not-so-sealed pig which has been going since the start of this year's challenge. On 1/12/08 I weighed the terramundi and it was just under 2.4 kilos (5lb 4). I've just weighed it again (having put in today's £2.35) and it's now at 2.75 kilos (6lb 2)! It's amazing to think in just 2 months I've managed to gain almost a pound(lol) in loose change. I've also totted up some of the stuff in the pig - have £43 in coin bags ready to go into savings account when I'm next in town (not that it's going to get much interest lol!)
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  • mumzyof2mumzyof2 Forumite
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    £2.75 for me today .. found £1 under my bed :)
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  • Nothing fo me today as not spent anything so no change, gonna raid DH pockets later!
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  • I ve started my own saving pot next to the computer today! hadnt really thought of doing this ever before i am sure ill be soon down asda using them coin machines!! :rolleyes:

    Well done everyone :TG.gif:T

    i love reading about people saving money it gives me real drive!

    Welcome JonnySniper,
    Good to have another member on Sealed Pot Chalenge :D . Don't know if you you're aware of this, but the machines at Asda & other supermarkets take 8% :eek: of your money just for the privilige of counting your money for you. Better off bagging it up and taking it to the bank only 5 bags max in most places, but at least you get to keep all your money ;)

    Also hello to all Sealed pot gang members, hope you're all OK today, make sure you get wrapped up well over the next couple of days it's goin to be bl**dy cold :rolleyes:
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  • Forgot to add, a couple of gold coins and some other change in my pot today. Also got 2 £2 coins, plus over the last few days I've found 55p in road change YAY
    Sparky0107 - Sealed pot challenge member #002. Total for SPC3 £1,030.57 Total For SPC 4 £2247.00 Total for SPC 5 £2574.62 :T Total for SPC 6 £4552.91:T
    :rotfl:LC2 & Jakes-Mum are off their heads :rotfl
    :j DEBT FREE AS OF 20/01/2012 :j
  • hi everyone anyone got snow yet :D its freezing here but only had small flurrys so far its forcast for blizzards tonight. havent spent anything all week so eeyore was starving i put £5 in today which has been in my purse all week so i feel better now :A.
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  • Hi everyone ~ it's snowing here :eek: Oooh, I hate snow............

    £4.00 of silver into the pot today, but none of those 20'ps that are fetching squillions on ebay, more's the pity :rotfl:x
    Total debt as at 22/01/09 ~ £3076.26 :oPaid so far ~ £416.96 / 3076.26

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  • A nice shiny £2 coin has gone in my pot today. :j

    Off out to bingo tonight - I know, I know but its my one night out per month and I have a limit on what I take - so fingers crossed for a win!!

    Was snowing here - blizzard like - for about 5 minutes but now nothing!! Please let it be really bad tonight so that school is closed tomorrow and I don't have to go to work and can play in the snow with my little boy instead!!!! :T :T Sorry for everyone who doesn't like snow :D
  • aliwalialiwali Forumite
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    I've put some in today, can't remember how much over £1 though. Going to have to check out the 20p's on ebay, would love squillions!!
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  • cheap_charliecheap_charlie Forumite
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    :eek: - just seen that undated 2008 20p coins are making big bucks on Ebay!

    I have a dilemma now - I have saved every single 20p coin I have received in change in my sealed tin since just before Christmas - I must have stacks of them in my tin. Do I open the tin in the offchance I have one in there or do I wait until its full before emptying it?

    Anyone know how rare these coins are???
    Sealed Pot Challenge 2010 - member 402 :)

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