'Useful' things to fill hubby's stocking

Hi all,

Looking for some ideas. Hubby and I always fill a stocking for each other for Christmas. This year, in light of our new MSE ways, we want to fill it with useful, needed items rather than frivilous stuff that ends up gathering dust.

So far I've got him deodrant, shaving foam, and a couple of other toiletriesplus some new socks. Does anyone have any ideas for non tolietry items that are inexpensive, essential and would fit in a stocking?? I have no imagination at the moment!

Thanks in advance!


  • Chocolate is essential :)
  • how about a bottle opener (if he drinks beer), biros and a pad, a diary (so he doesn't forget your birthday!), swiss army knife thing, nose hair trimmer, cufflinks, novelty/normal tie, calendar with important dates already written in, the ubiquitous orange and chocolate coins, some of those promise vouchers - wash the car etc, cheap dvd for him to watch (play have some cheap ones), car wash/air fresheners/sponge/chamois/stuff if he has a car, packet/jar/bottle of favouriite food stuff (my dad has a jar of vegemite in his!!)

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  • just thought - how about one of those unopenable cash cans (£1 in woolies) so he can save for another MSE christmas next year?
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  • What about some Homemade Vouchers with

    I promise a back rub
    I promise to wash the car
    I promise to run you a bath

    etc etc....

    Then he can redeme them, with notice of course throughout the year!!

    Just an idea and it won't cost anything, so very MSE!!

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  • De-Icer or a Scraper. I always put De-Icer in DP's stocking. Maybe a nice warm scarf?
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  • Thanks for all the ideas everyone!

    Got the de-icer, scraper, sponge and scarf already but going to definitely use some of the others.
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    Tesco hava a windup torch which is really bright, ive got one for my dad for in his car. its perfect for his stocking and is really bright
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    i have just bought some little torch key rings on ebay as a stocking filler look good fun and also useful.maybe something to cnsider.got one for mysef aswell and very reasonable price.i did search on torch then small.Emailed the man to ask how much for 5 including post and he sent me a special on ebay 5 for 3.75 post free.
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    I'm just finishing off my DH stocking today as well. What I've put in his so far is:
    Books (3 for £5 in The Works, lots of choices too)
    Tubes of sweets (Made using a plastic cyclinder which came with something else and bought cheap packs of sweets from woolies, and fill them in layers, put on lid, and wrapped with cellophane to look like a cracker.)
    Shower gel
    Jigsaw puzzles (shortly moving to a cottage in a small village so he'll need some evening entertainment)
    Chocolate coins

    Going out today for a novelty t-shirt, a calendar and a cheap dvd if I can find one.

    Spending about £25/£30 in total but we're only doing these stockings, and not buying for anyone else this year.

    What about gloves, pyjamas (try Primark), burn him a cd of some of your fav songs for in the car?Slippers? Mug? Hot chocolate? Nice coffee? Shoe polish? Hankies or pocket tissues? Money tin? Umbrella?
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