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Hi everyone,

I have been so inspired by all the lovely things I've seen you all make on here so I thought I might ask for your help! My best friend will be having her first child very shortly so I'm going to try my hand at making one of the nappy cakes, the ones I've seen on here look so fab that I'd happy to make something even half as nice!

Anyway...I've decided I'm also going to make a 'time capsule' to give to the baby when he/she gets older. So far I thought I'd include:

A newspaper from the day the baby is born
A CD of whatever the number 1 single is
A photograph of the parents

But thats all I can think of so far! I just wondered if anyone has any ideas of anything else that I can include.

Thank you so much for your help!! :D


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    What about a collection of coins from the year 2008/09 depending when she gives birth, really easy to collect just look at the date on the coins in your purse and add them to a nice bit of card.

    Events that occured in that year...
  • Thanks! I like the coin idea especially as they have changed the design this year.
  • similar idea with stamps - especially if the baby may arrive around Christmas. In years to come stamps may well be a thing of the past!
  • Quick thought - a personal message may be nice too.
  • Cheap tape recorder, batteries and a personal message from the parents ?
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    What about a baby hand/foot cast - to compare in years to come?
    You can get a full kit worth about £20 for £5 in Home Bargains, or Asda sell their own version for about £3.

    I'm busy collecting things for my newborn son's baby box and have the newspaper and coins already, plus scan photos and print outs, first photos, his first tiny baby vest, his hospital ID bracelets, etc. :)
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  • hope this doesnt sound silly, but in my wedding time capsule there is a list of things from that day:

    price of a loaf bread
    price of fuel
    house price (average)
    who the political party were
    royal family member in charge
    any wars at the time
    tv programmes that were on
    any stories on celebrities
    what life in general is like
    who won the cricket world series
    " formula 1 world series
    " football world cup
    what bands were about and their music

    you could also add:
    list of names the parents considered
    any photos of mum whilst pregnant
    any info/pics of baby shower
    set of 1st day cover stamps
    a family tree?

    hope this helps
    due to spilling coffee :coffee: on my keyboard it works when it wants to :rotfl:

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    Some pictures of their hometown would be really nice. I'm sure in even 10 years the sights will be very different.

    A photo of the hospital where they are born.

    A picture of their nursery.

    A picture of the front of their house.

    The car their parents drive.

    Just a few ideas. I'm picture mad - i take photos of everything!! xxx
  • Keeping a baby in a time capsule is just plain wrong.
  • Quote wrote: »
    Keeping a baby in a time capsule is just plain wrong.

    :rotfl::rotfl: :rotfl:
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