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scotland wide travel - free for over 60's and disabled

If you live in Scotland and qualify, you will be able to travel free from April.

To get the application form you must first apply for free travel in your area. Pick up form at council offices, Post Office etc. Apply at Post office or council offices with photo and relevent documents (proof of age/residence/ disabality etc). You get your local free bus pass there and then.
The Scotland wide travel form arrives in the post ( however you can get the form for either at the PO NOW..... fill that out, attach photo and take it to the Post Office. THey check it and send it away. You will get your Scotland wide travel free pass sent to you directly

I looked it up earlier and there is talk of free ferry passes for those in the islands......not heard anything of that ...anyone from Stornaway or Kirkwall care to add a bit??

The above link is dated but the forms are already going out to those holding the local travel passes.


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    No wonder the Council Tax is so high. The Grand State of Socialist Scotland is redistributing the wealth again...

    Makes a change from building follies at Holyrood or claiming for taxi fares..

    Over 60s aren't all broke. So why the freeby?
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  • In West Lothian we had to go to the local office with form and photo for the Scotland one I am still awaiting the pass,it should be the same on trains.

    If you get the higher rate Dla,you pay nothing for parking machines and meters. all over the UK and beyond and quite right too.
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  • I thought I heard that this free travel would apply to England too. Just make sure you don't get trampled in the rush when our once an hour minibus comes along!
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    From what I read the other day, the free travel in england is only within your own district, one of our local districts (derwentside) has gone to the county council (durham) asking for all of the districts to agree to one travel area to encompass all of the county instead of just the district you live in.
    I no longer work in Council Tax Recovery but instead work as a specialist Council Tax paralegal assisting landlords and Council Tax payers with council tax disputes and valuation tribunals. My views are my own reading of the law and you should always check with the local authority in question.
  • Humph - my council tax just went up by 4.9% - Again !

    No option but to pay.

    Meanwhile people who can afford it get free buses. That is when they can be bothered using them - most buses round here are nearly empty but cruise along their subsidised way ... Just the driver and a couple of poor sods who probably DID have to pay.
    qui tacet consentire -

    Who is silent gives consent.
  • don't rise to it guys!!!! My council tax has gone up too, but if it helps my parents and my disabled nephew get out and about then good luck to them! :D
  • Hi

    This was announced in the last Budget, but AFAIK the Chancellor has passed the cost on to local authorities. In England it's free bus travel within your own county (but that covers a lot - Essex, where I live, is a big county.)

    In a neighbouring town there have been queues round the block in the first few days of the scheme. It's thought that a lot of them have been people who won't use the free pass but who applied just because it's free. Apparently 11,000 people have the half-fare pass already but there are 34,000 elderly people in the district and there's nothing to stop everyone applying. The council has to pay a set fee to the bus companies for every free pass issued, whether the people will use it or not.

    I've had a half-fare pass for 10 years now, I doubt if I've used it 5 times in that time, I'm giving it back to the council, will drop it in this morning. I am disgusted by the greed and the short-sightedness - everyone complains about council tax, pensioners very loudly, but no one seems to realise that nothing is free, everything comes with a cost. I don't want these freebies. Giving it back may be a small and useless gesture, but it helps my conscience.

    Aunty Margaret
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  • GB actually jumped on the "bandwagon" as it was agreed by the Scottish Parliament it says free buses in Scotland but its really only local authority buses,when you think of the population of Scotland it will not cost that much.
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    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
    The word is BOUGHT, not BROUGHT.
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    maybe if it wasn't true i wouldn't have said it.

    I for one don't want oldies clogging up our already overstretched transport infrastructure. I'm sick of being the only person on a bus that has actually paid to be there.

    And don't even start me on "respect"... The oldies I have encountered are the most ill-mannered and ignorant people I have ever had the misfortune to meet. They seem to think they deserve respect. In my book this is EARNT, not just given.

    And the pensioners think they DESERVE all these freebies-cheap/no rent/council tax, free tv licences, concession rates on almost everything... I work bloody hard for my wages, and it p*sses me off no end to find all these old people in front of me in queues on my lunch break, holding me up when it is I who PAYS FOR THEM! Some of them are no better than the leeching junkie scum/single mothers who also infest our good land.


    So, I apologise if my comments offended, but I will stand by them until proven otherwise.
    The word is BOUGHT, not BROUGHT.
    You ask for ADVICE not ADVISE.
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