Anyone waiting for MFI Delivery?

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As you probably know by now MFI have gone into administration. But they are still trading at present and are saying that they will attempt to fulfil customer orders. All good news as I am waiting on a fitted bedroom which was a main Xmas present for my daughter. But I've just learnt that the company that MFI use to deliver their orders in South Wales hasn't been paid for some weeks and so is refusing to make deliveries at present.

Is anyone out there also waiting for an MFI order or has had a delivery recently or knows where the delivery depot is? I need your help to decide whether I wait to see if the wardrobes turn up, trty to collect them myself or make moves to cancel and claim back my money. I would like to get the wardrobes if poss as I know I won't get them as cheap anywhere else or how long it will take to get a refund to buy more elsewhere. I don't really want a disappointed child at Christmas if I can avoid it.

Thanks in advance guys!


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    If they still trading, they may well still not be able to fulfil there contract as they sub contract fitters one fo them tonight told me MIL they wont be fitting the MFI kitchen due to MFI not paying them for previous work
  • I'm expecting a sofa tomorrow.............
    Been trying for a week to get in touch with them to confirm delivery but haven't managed to get through.
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    There staff cant get through. My local one cant take any money anyhow due to till not working as it cant connect to head office systems, cant contact head office at all. Advices customers to contact there card companies for refunds if they paid by cc
  • Sharkster - Did your sofa arrive today? There is more info on their website by the way and a link to a letter that is being sent out to customers but doesn't tell you alot. Basically says they will try to fulfill orders where poss. By the way I rang the number on my receipt that tells you the time of delivery and my order is still saying due 5th Dec? Have you tried this? You are supposed to ring 48hrs before to find out if delivery will be pm or am. I can post the number if you need it.

    I did manage to get through to my local store yesterday after trying for two days to get through to main customer services. They were very helpful to be fair but don't know that much more themselves as previous poster has said. The man I spoke to said my order would be honoured - but I'm not taking that as definite. He was expecting the administrator that afternoon and thought they would be open at least until they sell off all the display stock in a big Sale. Not sure when this will be though?

    I have spoke to my CC company and they are sending me a claim form but said I couldn't begin claim until MFI default on the delivery of my goods which isn't until next Friday. And I live in hope that the administrators will decide to pay delivery company to get the goods out as they will want to get some money in if poss surely?

    My thoughts are with all the staff - hopefully administrators will find some way to save some jobs. What a time of year for this to happen. Terrible!
  • My kitchen delivery was due on Thursday 27th am, all week the automated delivery number had been saying that it would be delivered, even on Thursday am it still said the same thing, no phone call at all to say it wouldnt arrive. Have been trying to call the number given for the administrators but when it isnt engaged all it does it ring out, has anyone else managed to get through to the administrators and had a positive outcome?
    All I would like to know is if my kitchen is coming as if not I will order from elsewhere.
    Also am i likely to be able to renegotiate the price if they are going to deliver, obviously VAt goes down on Monday, they failed to deliver plus I am assuming there will be no guarantees with anything???
    Any help appreciated.
  • The issue is time,
    The administrators need to see what orders are avaliable and what are not and then make arrangements for either collection or delivery of these orders.

    As mentioned on the first post, the deliveries are not happening due to the delivery companies not being paid, so this will not happen over night.

    The administrators first need to look and see and assess!.

    Good luck with trying to get through, but this is a common track when companies go into administration!, be patient and hopefully fingers crossed you will get some answers!

    Good Luck
  • sharkster I will be amazed if you sofa did arrive unless it was an ex-display!
  • I'm in almost the same position as the OP. I bought and paid for a complete suite of furniture in July and have been waiting for one item for which I was given a delivery date in December. Having assembled all the other items, a refund is no good to me. I really need just this one item. I tried to find out who the manufacturer was in case I need to source directly but they would not tell me this. I feel completely let down as I think when I ordered it, MFI knew there was a problem sourcing the item.

    Also, as there were so many !!!!-ups with the order, this item was ordered free of charge so I really don't know where I stand on a refund.
  • Hi I'm new to this........first post!!!! but really need some help

    My local MFI store closed down around a month ago and I purchase an x display kitchen and paid £3200 I put £2900 on my credit card and £300 on my debit card. I then needed to order more to the kitchen to fit my space where I should of pay over £900 they gave me the add on’s for £350. I picked up the kitchen the following day and was told the rest would be delivered on the 9th of December. I called MFI today and was told no orders would be delivered at all. My problem is I now have 2/3 of a kitchen which will be effectively useless as I will have doors cupboards handles plinths and so on etc missing.

    Could anyone tell me if I am covered under section 75 on my credit card as I have only some of my kitchen? Or am I left with this nightmare of 2/3 of a kitchen, which will be useless without the rest.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated……
  • Silvanna - Unless you paid for the kitchen all in one go I believe you would only be covered for the £350 of goods you have not received.

    I too have a kitchen which was due to be delivered on 13 December (cream gloss) and was told that it was 'in stock' when I ordered it at the beginning of January. Now I am in limbo whether to go for a B&Q or Wickes deal where they will match the price of a kitchen/bathroom for MFI customers as no one will confirm whether I will receive it. I (thought I) got a really great deal on my kitchen during their 70% off promotion - little did I know!

    I am aware that Howdens stock the same cream gloss kitchen I ordered and may also stock your kitchen if you require the additional parts.

    I hope this helps!
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