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Slow Cookers: Your Questions Colllection

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Old StyleThe Slow Cooker Recipe Index

This post is going to be a complete collection of ALL slow cooker threads here on Old Style. Please do not add any posts or questions into this Index Thread but do your best to choose from the many threads below one which is most closely related to your query and by all means join that one.

We have three main Slow Cooker threads. One is the Indexed Collection of Recipes and the other two are concerned with which slow cooker to buy and tips on using a slow cooker. These can all be joined from the links in the box below:-
There are lots of other threads about Slow Cookers here on Old Style and they are now collected here.

Note:- If you can't find an answer here and you think your question will have a short or a yes/no answer you can ask in this thread:-

slow cooker quick questions thread

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last thread by kiwichick - bloke chilli
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  • Thanks for this awesome collection, its really helpful for me as I'm in my first house (just bought it before xmas :)) and am really uber thankful for all the help I can find when it comes to cooking as its all new to me :)

    I know you said not to post here unless its a quick yes or no answer, so if my questions are too long please forgive me, but I got a little overwhelmed by the amount of threads on slow cookers and so thought this thread might be best to ask a couple of quick questions?

    1. When cooking a shoulder of pork in the SC should I defrost it before hand? For example, if I'm going to put the slow cooker on in the morning before work, should I get the shoulder of prok out the freezer the night before, or the morning I put it in the SC?

    2. Again a little lost with the list of threads above. Please could you advice which thread would be best for my reading, either or as I will be cooking large(ish) sized shoulder or pork?
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  • Long shot but it is pretty much a yes/no question.

    Beggar's Chicken is a beautiful dish I used to eat in Hong Kong. Sadly, I have not been there for years. A chicken is stuffed with a mushroom/onion mixture and then wrapped in lotus leaves. It is then encased in clay and baked for perhaps a day. No moisture escapes. The result is a beautifully moist, tender and tasty chicken which can be completely consumed, bones and all.

    Does anyone know if this can be done in a slow cooker? Does anyone know of a slow cooker recipe for this?

    In hope!


    PS If you happen to visit HK I would strongly recommend it!
  • pamsdish
    pamsdish Posts: 2,585 Forumite
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    Sounds to me like a perfect slow cooker dish,, I would be interested if you locate a recipe.
    Do I need it or just want it.
  • pamsdish
    pamsdish Posts: 2,585 Forumite
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    I googled beggars chicken hong kong and got loads of hits, even a youtube video.
    Do I need it or just want it.
  • Thanks for this.

    Yes, I found a youtube vid too but this is for a conventional oven. A slow cooker seems perfect for this - and it wouldn't tie up the oven for an entire day - but I just don't know how it would work. If you just put an object in without it being immersed does enough energy get transferred for it to cook? How long would one cook it? What setting? etc etc.

  • MallyGirl
    MallyGirl Posts: 6,610 Senior Ambassador
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    you can cook a whole chicken in the slow cooker without any added liquid (I also do the same with a gammon joint), No need for immersion.
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  • Hi mallygirl,

    Thanks for this.

    When you cook a whole chicken do you just plonk it on the bottom of the slow cooker? Presumably it produces juices. How long do you cook it for? On what setting?

    I think I am just a bit concerned that not enough heat will get through when it's encased in clay (or dough as the youtube vid has it). Ultimately, I think I may just have to experiment - wrap up the chicken and literally let it cook in there for a day. Lots in the news about poison in chickens at the moment!

  • PS With gammon I usually immerse it in ginger ale and cook on low for 8-10 hours then spread Mackay's ginger preserve on top and grill for 10-15 minutes to brown off the top - delicious!
  • I put half a cup of water into the SC and add some sliced onion or carrots and put the whole chicken, breast down on top. I turn my cooker on as I go to bed and when I get up in the morning every bit of chicken is cooked through to perfection Obviously you won't get crispy skin but as I don't eat the skin anyway its not a problem.The meat just falls off the bones.Great way to get as much meat as you can from a little clucker :) once stripped of as much meat as possible I return the carcus to the sc with a little more water for a couple of hours .Then strain everything off and bin the carcus and the remaining stock I strain into a jug.Once cold I skim the fat off and the remaining jelly makes the most delicious base for soup.If I don't want to use the jelly-like stock straight away I put it into a soup pouch when cold and freeze to use later.SC is definitely the way to get as much meat from a chicken and it costs so little to use and doing it overnight means it has a chance to cool down during the day, Any cooked chicken that I am not using straight away once cold I can wrap and freeze to use at a later date
  • Thanks for the info...

    ...but it doesn't really answer the beggar's chicken question!

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