'Should Cheap Booze Be Banned?' poll discussion

Poll between 17-24 Nov 2008.

Should Cheap Booze Be Banned?

There’ve been calls from a Government select committee for price caps on alcohol. This would impact the selling of booze in supermarkets and would hit promotions such as '6 bottles of wine for a tenner'.

Pros include... it’ll stop some “pre-loaded” binge drinking, making our streets safer.

Cons include... it’ll penalise those who just want a night in at a cheap rate.

So, it’s a deliberately polarising question. Should there be minimum prices set on booze?

A. Yes. 28% (2591 votes)
B. No. 72% (6597 votes)

Voting has now closed, but you can still click 'post reply' to discuss below. Thanks :)



  • Other countries enjoy cheap booze and have no problems. Its only in this country people boast about getting wasted, in other countries they would be ashamed.

    The pub industry want a monopoly on booze, thinking more people would go to the pub if supermarket prices went up. They are wrong. More people would go to Calais.

    Oh and if people are "pre loading" that kinds makes the whole "the pub is a responsible controlled environment" thing a load of tosh, as drunks ought not be getting served in pubs.

    People that drink at home, go quietly to bed, the trouble causers all came out of the pubs. Close down the pubs where the fights occur and charge the fighters with assault and bang them away.

    Make supermarket booze cheaper! Force tesco to give it away free! It keeps the drinks off the streets, and shuts down those dangerous pubs full of hooligans
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    All booze should be banned full stop.
    How our future families will laugh when they read in the history books how we used to drink poison with our meal and binge on it at weekends, the idea being who can consume the most poison every saturday night and not die.
    There is a reason you need a license to sell it, its a class d poison
  • It's the same as everything else the government legislates against, they penalize the majority because of the actions of the minority
  • Selling cheap booze may exacerbate the problem to some extent, but there's more to the problem of binge-drinking/people behaving like idiots while under the influence than just the price of drinks.

    I think I remember a French guy saying that in France a bottle of fairly good wine would only set you back about £1 or so, but they don't seem to have the same binge-drinking problem that we have here.

    Given the problems it causes and the money it must cost to deal with alcohol-related issues, I think it's definitely a part of our culture that needs to be addressed.
  • Instead of licensing sellers, how about licensing the buyers? I could see a form of barcoded plastic card which would have to be scanned for every alcohol purchase (supermarkets/off-licences/pubs/hotels). The card would have to be applied for with proof of age (NI number or something).

    This would mean that underage people would not be able to buy alcohol, and it might have other benefits, perhaps of alcohol limits per person.

    Is this just the mad ravings of an old woman, or is there some merit in this?

    After all, you used to have to have a dog licence, you need a car licence, and this brings the control back to the consumer rather than the seller.


  • Our cheap booze is not cheap in comparison to other countries and they don't have a problem. It's the culture which has stemmed from the introduction of alco pops back in the mid 90s and the media image of the ladette which swiftly followed. Everything which has followed is demand led.
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  • Cheap booze is not the problem. The idea that you can and should go out and get paralytic, and that if you do you are somehow less responsible for your actions, is.
  • good comment shelf stacker. It seems to be seen as the 'norm' to go out and be so drunk that you end up in the gutter every week and ifyou don't then you haven't had a 'good night'.
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    I like many take advantage of cheap booze offers.

    If its on offer you may as well take advantage.

    I also go into on venue in town as a pre nightclub type bar and take advantage of their regular 2 for 1 drinks offers (we just have two people buying in rounds there).
    If they did not have these offers on i simply would drink the same sort of amounts but possibly in another pub such as the Witherspoons right accross the road.

    It has no effect on the amounts i would drink. Also it would not stop problem drinkers, as they would simply cut back elsewhere as their addicted.

    Its not just here, just looking on Google and theres a news article:


    "Alberta government to crack down on cheap drinks"

    The report sounds just like any story of this type in the country, except its Canada. So its not just our problem. Its a wider problem.
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    Raise the age to 21 and enforce it - no ID, no sale regardless of how old you look.
    Nothing to see here, move along.
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