10 things to do over the Xmas break

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Please use this thread to discuss the article 10 things to do over the Xmas break


  • This year I'm definitely going to do a budget and stick with it. I know I spend way too much in the supermarket. Going to be checking out the O/S thread a lot more than I do. I can be good and do home cooked meals for a few weeks and then it all goes hurtling out of the window (the budget, not the meals :-) and I buy pre packed stuff which I know I could make at home but I want to have the time saved with having prepack to do something else. I suppose for me, it's more down to time saving than money saving. Got myself my steam generator to cut down on ironing time, bargain at £49. I could ration my time on here too but... ;-)

    Was in GAP the other day debating about whether to purchase a pair of jeans, reduced from £50 down to £15, and I thought of Martin's money mantras, and I ended up buying a pair in M&S for £9 instead of the £15. Fair enough they were a different cut and colour but what the heck. Oh, when I was paying for them the SA asked me about the steam generator and she said how she always wanted one but was apprehensive due to the cost. I mentioned MSE/Make Me Rich/Money Diet etc and she said she'd definitely be checking things out. :-)

    Seeing the Make Me Rich programme and checking in on here most days, I'm going to money save now with renewed gusto. Even my eldest son has a go at me when I go to buy things now, reciting the money mantras.
    “Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.” - Oscar Wilde
  • 1. Go for long mountain walks
    2. Enjoy quality time with the family
    3. Get more photgraphy done
    4. Clear out the spare room
    5. Watch the DVD's you got for Christmas
    6. Sort out your wardrobe
    7. Sort CD collection alphabetically
    8. Go visit old friends
    9. Catch up on paper work
    10. Go socialising with your mates
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