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Recently, a neighbour of mine, an elderly gent of 82 who left the RAF in 1947, told me that he had just thrown out a kitbag which wasn’t his, but one that he had retrieved to carry home his bits & pieces. He said that the name and number were still clearly visible, ie 136665* LAC Caulfield UK and that it had two blue rings round it.

I asked if I could have it and at first he declined, saying it was dirty, but I asked him again, saying that via the internet I may be able to trace either it’s owner or decendent.

He has now given me the bag with the enclosed note:-

“RAF kitbags were handed in 1947 or kept to bring home on demob, and a UK bag, standard size had one blue stripe on it. If there were two blue stripes, it was issued for overseas and not wanted on voyage. All dumped in a surplus hanger at Lytham, Blackpool. I retrieved this one after discarding mine to enable me to get all my kit home and new pin stripe suit.”.

I am able to vaguely read other ID which has almost been blacked out

A70, E4/H, A70, E4/H (repeated?)

I’m sure you would agree that someone somewhere might just welcome this, and wouldn’t it be great if the guy himself were to still be around. But, how would I know if the claimant was genuine and not a mere collector. Oh, I have removed the last digit to avoid any unwanted claimant. I have photographed the bag and will show it if it is felt to be usefull.


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