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hi members,

i have recently applied for a cahoot account setting up direct debit online.

I recieved an email today that they have sent a secure message to confirm the direct debit details.

What is this secure message ? How and where should i check it ? Can somebody please tell ?



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    If you log on to your cahoot account you will be able to access your messages
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    You have a 'personal homepage' when you log in. Below the products that you have are a list of recent messages. These are your 'secure messages' with dates and titles, such as: "New interest rates..." There are also 'check [tick] boxes' against read messages which you 'check' [tick] to have permanently deleted.

    What foxed* me for some time was how you were meant to access and read messages listed..

    What you do is place your cursor over the word "[more]" at the end of each title, and click. Why they don't say something more obvious like: "[read more]", or have the title highlighted and underlined in a different 'color' [colour] in the first place - like a recognised hyperlink I don't know, but there you are.

    The layout aside, I think the cahoot site is 'pretty neat' [rather good, wot!]

    *No connection to Michael J Fox
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