Courts goes into administration

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:( If anyone has an outstanding order at Courts (furniture company) try and get your money refunded a.s.a.p. as the company have gone into administration.

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    I was really shocked to read this. Fortunately I do not buy from Courts but I did not know they were in difficulties.
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    Awful company to deal with..i'm not suprised
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  • You should note however they're working to recapitalise the company i assume by reselling shares(I assume this is what reccapitalise is) i doubt people will end up with unfullfilled orders.
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  • :o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o

    Up to date information.
    Courts Furnishing HAVE ceased trading.
    Had a look in their Cardiff store today, all locked up and secured.
    Notice on the window informing those who have paid for goods (in full or deposits) should contact the telephone number given.
    A warning!
    Those who have paid by Credit Card can apply to their Card Company for a refund, if they have paid over £100.
    If you have paid by Cheque or Cash, forget getting anything back.
    You are treated like any other Creditor and will be at the back of the queue.
    Early reports suggest that as the Bank pulled the plug, anything retrieved will go to the Banks, and because of the amount of debt, there will be nothing left for anyone else, including customers who paid by cash or cheque.
    In simple terms, if you were a supplier of Courts, you are not going to honour outstanding orders knowing you will not get paid.

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  • :o:o:o

    From today's Daily Mail, Wednesday 1st Dec.


    The administrators of furniture chain Courts warn that customers who have paid a cash deposit are likely to lose their money.
    Accountants KPMG, who are responsible for salvaging what they can, say shoppers rank behind the banks and suppliers which are owed more than £280m.
    No more deliveries of sofas will be sent out, unless a customer has paid in full and the goods are in the Courts warehouse.
    Courts are closed but will reopen on Thursday or Friday to sell the old stock at a discount.
    KPMG has had more than 25 approaches from potential buyers.
    Customer and shareholder helpline 0870 950 1333

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    OMG ???

    Does anybody have suggestions on the 'Best Way Forward'. I think it's probably a lost cause but need to at least try to recover rather than sit here and accept any outcome.

    A deposit was paid using a Visa Debit card (£200+) early November. The goods were to be delivered in approx 13 weeks from the November date. We also took out a credit agreement, for the remaining balance to be repaid over 12 month Interest Free. We were told that we would be advised in writing of the delivery date and payments would commence 1 month After delivery.

    So, are we going to loose £200+ or are we likely to have to pay the Full amount, based on the credit agreement? :-/ :-[ >:(

    Any advice welcomed
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    You certainly aren't going to have to pay the full amount, as the credit provider is jointly and severally liable with Courts for the supply of your goods which clearly isn't going to happen. So you owe them nothing.

    As for the deposit, it appears (according to other threads) that VISA Debit card transactions benefit from the protection I thought only applied to credit cards. So I should read up the other threads and speak to your bank about getting the deposit back.
  • ;);););)

    Go to the 'Grab it while you can' site, and read the threads on Courts

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  • Crikey, the Courts store here closed 4 or 5 months ago - I'm suprised people have only just realised they have gone bust!

    I do hope everyone gets what they are owed.
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  • I'll miss their TV adverts, some of them including the line 'see you in Courts' and other amusing gags. I only ever bought one thing there, a carpet, a few years back. They even had several branches out in the Caribbean.
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