A huge thanks and Merry Christmas/ Happy Chanukah



  • carly
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    Thanks for that , Martin. It's a marvellous idea. This is my favourite site on the internet because of all the generous helpful people I come across everyday.
  • don9999
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    Upon receiving Martin's latest newsletter, I too went to the Worldvision web site to donate some money.

    However......I have found a problem with their site!

    As I tried to place an order, I was given access to other people's accounts! I was shown their name, address and E-mail address, and had access to the screen to changed their password.

    I contacted them immediately to let them know.

    Even as I placed my order/donation, I was being told that confirmation of my order would be sent to SOMEONE ELSE'S E-mail address! Indeed, I have not received any confirmation of my donation.

    BUT......I have started to receive confirmation of OTHER PEOPLE'S donations - the latest one being for over £90.

    I urge caution for the time being......

    I have contacted the site again and they are still investigating - I'm awaiting a call back.

    I don't want to stop people donating, but likewise I think people should be weary. In particular I am concerned that if they have a security problem on their site, whether someone could get access to my credit card details.

    I'll update this site, when I've had my call back from them.

    There are 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand binary, and those who don't!
  • don9999
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    It seems like their site is completely messed up.

    Apparently, when I tried to create an account, I didn't actually create a 'new' account, but changed someone elses! So when I made a donation, it was regsitered under THAT person's name, and they received an E-mail confirming the donation.

    Then.....the next person who tried to make a donation, tried to set up an account, but ended up changing MY account details. He made a number of donations, and confirmation op 'those' donations were sent to me.

    I suspect that the NEXT person to visit the site to make a donation, will 'think' they are setting up an account, but will end up changing the prior person's details. 'Their' confirmation E-mail will be sent to that prior person's E-mail.

    And on, and on....

    They are still investigating, as it looks a mess to me......

    MY donation has been registered under someone else's name!

    There are 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand binary, and those who don't!
  • Thanks for a great site Martin.

    The only downside is that I'm sure my family and friends get fed up of me saying "my friend Martin ....".

    Merry Christmas all

    :money: :xmassign: :xmastree: :xmassign: :money:
    :grouphug: Things can only get better.
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