I'd just like to say...

...whether you/your OH thinks they will be staying in the forces for life or not PLEASE go to your local council's asap and get on their waiting list for housing.

I know things may have changed since my OH was "in" but as soon as we got married we put ourselves down on 2 housing lists just in case.

Whilst he was still serving we got offers on houses (rubbish areas I have to add) but then he got medically discharged (out of the blue - when they were doing another round of cuts), luckily because we'd been on this list for about 10 years we somehow stood a better chance and fortunately it all went smoothly - I approached the council whilst he was in NI, got offered a place, I viewed, accepted and left MQ within 2 months of this "get lost we don't need you anymore" and moved in in a great area - now bought the house and live in a fantastic neighbourhood.

Just thought I'd add my two-penneth-worth!


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    Maybe we should be encouraging people to save for a deposit for their own house aswell? Good to have council there as a back up though!
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    I would like to totally agree with jesdan. My DH served for 11 years and came out in August (long and complicated story). Anyway we were given till 22 October to leave the MQ they put us in (50 miles from where we want to live even though there were 30 empty quarters in my home town). It is now 6 November and we are nowhere near getting housed by our council. We have been told that all we can have is a B&B! And we have to pay for that and pay for our belongings to be put into storage!

    So on that note, I would agree. Get your names on the housing lists ASAP - make sure the council know your address as some send reminder letters every year and you must reply to stay on the list.

    We are learning this lesson the very hard way as no-one is interested in helping us - even the agencies that are supposed to be there to help and support us - no-one wants to know!
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    Not in forces, but as a council tenant I have to agree with what has been said about getting your name down ASAP. Due to the shortage of social housing brought on by the RTB many councils are now making it alot harder to get accommodation even in the less desirable areas. When I got my first property 10 years I got it within 6 weeks. I gave that one up to move area and put name down again 8 years ago and got my next one within 3months. 2 years later a friend put their name down for the area i was in which was the towns social dumpit area, and was told she would have to wait atleast 6 years. I have recently been informed now it is almost impossible, even though the area has got worse ( I luckily got an exchange away) and I live in a town which was one of the easiest to get social housing in.
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  • Tried that whilst in MQ's in Plymouth told would not be considered for council housing whilst we had somewhere already to live, and if he left the Navy after doing 22 years with his gratuity as far as the councili s concerned we then would have the means to pay for private rented accommodation. Anyway still applied and after 7 years on the list didn't move one position, bought a house on shared ownership that we now have to sell cos he has extended service and a draft to the Netherlands. So if in Plymouth don't bother unless your an immigrant or from the "lower end of society" the councils helpline advice not mine!!
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