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Instead of asking one of the directory companies, for a number. Does anyone know how you find out the persons name from the number.

Or should I say if someone rings you up, you have the number, but who is it that calld you.
Does anyone know of such a service.

Ive 3 missed calls from a local landline, ive tried to call the number back but no-one is answering. So just wondering who it was


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    Offering a service which translates someone's telephone number into a "name" is illegial in the UK.

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    Reverse Directory Enquiry searches are now illegal.

    I believe several companies used to offer this service (including But this was usualy achieved by the reverse software engineering of the BT DQ database available on CD-ROM.

    I think BT felt it was a a breach of the copyright of their database and software but, to my knowledge, did not take any formal court action.

    I think BT waited for OFTEL to stop reverse searches for any reason - whether it breached copyright or not.

    You can of course use the dialling code (and the first few digits of the number) to narrow your search - using the book called BT COMPANION (if it is still available), but it seems you know it is local anyway.
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    Curious how well harmonised we are throughout the EU when it comes to personal privacy issues. In France and some other EU countries you can be taken to court for infringing privacy by publishing or even taking a photo in a public place.

    But if you want to trace the name and address of someone by their phone number, all you need do is visit and Robert est ton oncle!
  • I seem to recall that, in the EU, the Germans make the laws, the Spanish ignore them, the French read them - and then do the opposite and the British comply with them to the letter.
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    Cant get this to work.
    It pays to challenge
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    Probably because you have posted on an old thread.

    The consensus of opinion is you cannot reverse trace a phone number now.
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    You can of course use the dialling code to narrow your search - using the book called BT COMPANION
    This might be of use - STD code finder.
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    what about an overseas number? Someone is ringing me from overseas.( i think) When I ring back the line goes dead.
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  • If it's a business phone then do a google search for that number. There are usually numerous 'reverse' listings for that company. If you can't get full information then you should have a start.
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