Diego Garcia entitlement?

hello everybody iam a marine recently drafted to bfbiot Diego Garcia, i currently recieve sma and was wondering if iam entitiled to IEs or to claim anything else?
iam a homeowner, which i rent out
the draft is considered a 6month deployment with the opportunity to extend to 12 months.
many thanks


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    All depends if you are classed as detatched, or posted to that location.

    Best to contact your local HR Administrator / Admin section.
  • Hi MushroomRM, I work as a Unit HR Admin at an RM Unit. As Alias_Omega stated it all depends on whether your draft is classed as temporary or permanent. If you have a permanent assignment order then you will only receive LOA for Diego Garcia, if it's a temporary assignment then you should be entitled to LOA, LSA and you could claim for IEs overseas on your return. I suspect that you have a permanent assignment order due to the 6 months posting with the possiblility to extend to 12 months. The difference between the permanent and temporary rate of LOA is VERY significant so it is worth clarifying everything with your UPO. Let me know how you get on.
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