Anyone applied for a new credit card using a BFPO Address online?

Just having a quick look for a new 0% credit card as our current one's deal is ending soon. Has anyone applied for a new credit on-line whilst using a BFPO address? Have had a quick look, but found most don't accept the postcode. I think the only way to do it is over the phone am I right?



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    Probably a problem as they cant find you on the electoral role. A bit of an issue when trying to chase people for debt they may owe.

    With the current credit climate, i think you will struggle with the main lenders.

    You will probably find the usual forces friendly companies like Naffi Financial (Now forces financial) will give you one without an issue, but at what price.
  • Best bet is your own bank whilst living at BFPO addresses, not such a good bet if their not giving the best deal! Try the wifes account if your a pad!
    I know quite a few singlies used to have Egg cards in Germany a few years back, can't say anything about deals they may or may not have on offer though!
  • Unless the company you are dealing with have had their IT set up to deal with BFPO addresses, then you might as well smash your head against a brick wall.
    Unfortunately, in the "computer says no" generation, most bank and finance employees can only do what the computer lets them do. They simply aren't empowered to think or act for themselves.
    If you DO encounter a problem (I did with Abbey and Scottish Widows), then write to them and copy it to the money pages in one of the national papers and also a prominent MP, highlighting shabby treatment of Service personnel. You will be amazed at how quickly they will then respond!
    I got £100 as way of an apology from both companies.:T
    Nothing is foolproof, as fools are so ingenious! :D
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