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Hi all

Just wanted to get your opinions on something that happened last night.

On Thursday I booked a table at TGI Basildon for 8 people to celebrate my friends birthday and our holiday! We arrived at TGI to be told "sorry, no record of your booking" the woman kept insisting that no-one would have been around to take the booking when I said I called - virtually calling me a liar >:(

She finally offered us a table that was free then but we had to be off by 7pm (our friends were still on their way so we checked with them and they said grab it). The meal was fine but because of the time constraint we adults decided not to have a dessert (service was quite slow and we saw one family walk out in disgust at the wait). We asked for the bill (at 6.50pm) on presenting it to us, our waitress told us about their Saturday Nite Text Promotion, whereby you send a specific code to a text number and it replies immediately saying you have either won (10%, 20% 50% or 100% of your bill paid, or you get a free drink). We did this and she came back 5 mins later but we hadn't had a reply, she told us to try again - still no response and then told us to try another phone - still nothing. Our waitress just said "oh sometimes that happens, sorry" So, aware that they were now waiting to clear our table we paid the bill. One and half hours later we received three replies - 2 saying "congrats we will pay 50% of your bill" the other offering a free cocktail. We were gutted so rang them up. Asst Mgr at first refused point blank to honour the offer, she said we should have a) asked to see her there and then and b) tried using TGIs phone and that as our check was now closed - tough! I didn't lose my temper just calmly explained you can't make these offers then not honour them. She eventually offered a 50% discount voucher if I returned to the restaurant and showed her the proof. As we were in Hornchurch and Basildon is on our way home - I did! I don't think she was expecting to see me and again after much discussion and comments such as "I really should not be doing this" , "if this was Marks and Spencers you wouldn't be getting it" and "this is a business, we are not in the business of losing money" (when I gave her the phone with the proof she even tried to delete the message but I saw what she was doing (plus we had the second msg on the phone as well - ha!). She finally gave me a business card with the words "please promo £48.20 on presentation" - so I am not even convinced they will do this next time we visit (if there is a next time). I intend to write to Head Office (who she kept blaming for the text promotion screw-up) and complain.

What do you guys think - was I right to insist or not?



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    Your experience sounds appalling, I think you were right to persue the matter of the text offer discount but in all honesty they sound like the kind of organisation that won't honour your discount in the future despite the statement on the business card.

    It also sounds really dumb of them to have a special promotion with the text message discount and then not seem to be able to get it to work properly!

    It might be worth getting in touch with BBC Watchdog to see if they have any other reports of this discount promotion not working.

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    ✭✭✭✭✭ were definitely correct to complain and well done for insisting on your rights! The waitress was representing the company (TGI Friday's) when she mentioned the text offer. You accepted the offer by calling the number, which you no doubt paid a premium rate for! If she said that you would get an immediate reply, and you subsequently did not, then they are at fault. You later received the (late) reply with an offer of 50% off your bill. They must honour this!
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    The first time I tried to text 241 to Orange on an Orange Wednesday the code came back half-way through the film (yes I had switched it off but we'd had to pay full-price).

    I found that was a 'one-off' and the codes have come through really quickly ever since, so it may have been a glitch.

    But I agree, they have treated you shabbily and I would write to Head Office.
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    This is disgraceful. You are well within your rights to insist upon an immediate 50% refund. I would not have paid the bill at the time until the text code had appeared & would have asked to speak to the manager there & then. BUT not everyone is as stroppy assertive as me & I can understand the aspect of not wanting to make a fuss.
    A strongly worded letter to head office is definately in order. Better still a strongly worded e-mail, which you can send repeatedly at regular intervals until you receive a reply.
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    ridiculous behaviour from the manager. If they can't honour the offer they should tell you politely and offer something else, or at least give you a complaints form. For decent customer service I would overlook the promo I missed out on.

    But the manager tried to delete the evidence, talked rubbish to you about busines and money and they were in the wrong as they lost your booking!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Write to head office - let us know what happens.

    Good luck
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    r.mac, you are so wise and wonderful, that post was lovely and so insightful!
    I can't promise that all my replies will illicit this response :p
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    And even if you are a complete !!!!!! and totally in the wrong, you should not be getting comments such as "I really should not be doing this" , "if this was Marks and Spencers you wouldn't be getting it" and "this is a business, we are not in the business of losing money"

    and CERTAINLY CERTAINLY they should have not tried to delete the text!!! what the hell? ??? >:(
  • Thanks for your advice and comments guys. Just to keep you informed, an email of complaint both about the restaurant's text competition and the asst gen manager has gone in - will let you know the outcome.

    Debs x :)
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    Have you thought about contacting Trading standards? They might well be interested if it amounts to false advertising or (I cannot use the word fraud).
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