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I found someone for free on following this advice..and it's legal lol ...this is copied from the british genealogy site....was originally posted in in 2005 but still works!!

The explantaion seems a bit longwinded but its quite simple really....I found who i was looking for in about 10mins ;)
How you can get free results on's electoral register.

I hasten to add that this is NOT illegal, it is NOT illicit, it is NOT fraudulent and does NOT involve any software installation.

OK, here's the tutorial...

Let's assume that you are looking for a Barry Barlow (just picking a name at random here), you would hopefully have some other details that would help you narrow down your search such as spouse's name or town, but you can still trawl through the results.

Go to 192s people search ( and type in Barry Barlow and check the preferred year box. Then click 'Search Now'. This brings up a list of possibilities.

Let's assume that you know the name of a spouse, this being Christine, if it doesn't show on the top 5 search results then you may have to click the 'see more results' link.

So, we have found a Barry and Christine near the bottom of the list, what we need to do now is to try and find the address, to do this we have to guess the postcode! This sounds like a complete shot in the dark but in fact it's a methodical process that yields results fairly quickly. However, if you already know the location in which they live you don't have to guess the postcode.

In the REVISE THIS SEARCH section on the right you must now put the letter 'A' in the LOCATION box where 'A' represents the first letter of the postcode. If 'A' doesn't match the name entry you want results for then proceed through the alphabet until it does.

In this case, 'S' is the key. Input 'S' into the box and it shows our target as having a postcode beginning with 'S80'. Now we have to discover the second half of the postcode, we do this in a similar way. Put S80 in the LOCATION field and then try additional entries starting with 'S80 0' through to 'S80 9' until you find the match. In this case it's '4' which is the second key and 192 completes the rest of the postcode (S80 4LA).

Now we need to find the next part of the address. For this we need to open Royal Mail's web portal and go to their 'Address Finder' section, you will find this on their home page of, otherwise here is the direct link (

( is a more direct link)

Once at the correct page, input the postcode and Royal Mail will kindly supply a range of addresses within that postcode.

Transfer the address (without the house number) to the search boxes and click 'SEARCH NOW', in this case we get a choice of locations which is where your knowledge of geography comes in handy, select the correct region and you should be redirected back to the results page with the address revealed next to Barry Barlow's name.

The only thing left is to find the house number. We do this in the same manner, merely insert the house number in the 'STREET' field of 192's search fields (don't forget to insert a space between the number and street!). Another tip here is that the size of the blank field should give you an indication of whether the house number is one, two or three digits. On this one, I guess that it's two so we could speed up the search process by starting at 11 (which is where Royal Mail's data starts on the 'double figures').

Hey presto! Our target is number 19.

If you then remove the address and search the name and postcode only you may find a telephone number if the person is not listed as Ex-D.

This is a bit of a slow process but entirely free and incredibly satisfying when you find your desired results. Please remember though that you only have 15 Royal mail searches in any 24 hour period, but if you Google a postcode finder you will be able to utilise the same database but through other providers and usually on a limited number of searches per day.

hope this helps someone :D


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