November 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    My figures don't look too good for this week cos I've spent £30 already but thanks to our local coop the freezer is full. They have the smaller markdowns (not massive markdowns but I usually save approx 1/3 on meat and fish) about 9 or 10 ish so they don't tend to have very short dates or cheap prices later on. And I love my local veg shop they have a 40p box and recently they have had packs of bluebeerries and raspberries in (down from £1.99) which I have popped in the freezer and today big boxes of strawberries for 40p (all in good condition) and bananas for 40 per kg. So I'm stocked up for the week :j

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    Can I join in please! I need to clear the decks and do a storecupboard type challenge. No room for Christmas shop and baking otherwise and we need to save some money up for our sons wedding next year.

    Going extreme here and aiming for £50 for the month! This will include the 2 organic box deliveries totalling £26 so £24 left! :eek: Need to make myself use up some stuff! Could be interesting. We do have lots of lentils and rice in store!:rotfl:

    I do have the ingredients in for some mincemeat and hopefully the Christmas cake. The rest of the Christmas shopping will be done at the end of the month with some vouchers I have saved and the Costco savings I have been putting by throughout the year, out of previous grocery challenge savings.

    Nothing spent so far - I am encouraging dh to use up some of my soya milk store and powdered milk before we go near the shops for his semi skimmed. Soya milk does make thicker porridge though - could have stood the spoon up in this mornings breakfast!:D

    Good luck with the scan Mrs Mac - doesn't seem that long ago since dd was having one done! this year has flown by.
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    I have just received my Sainsburys delivery, the delivery driver was very helpful and friendly.

    I did last months challange and then went throught the receipts at the end of the month to look at what we buy lots of and put this through for delivery, hopefully this should cover all ambient goods (except those we buy from the wholesaler) and dairy for the month. If I have got it right this in the long term will work out easier and cheaper for us.

    Nearly forgot to say spent £120.61 Sainsburys. Yesterday we had a coffee (free with family card) & a cake at ikea £1.50.

    Off to update signature.
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    Yesterday did my monthly trawl of the supermarkets for the main stock. Went to Messrs A, S, M and L and have now got most of the months stuff. Need to pop to Mr T when passing later in the week as they have my fav cheese on offer and also good price on coffee, plus need to go back to MrL to stock up on bacon joints (only£2.99) as they only had one left (it's in the oven now cooking for dinner!)

    After that should be fresh stuff only for the rest of the month - famous last words!
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    Hmmmm, just told this morning that the car will need a few things done during it's service (looking like a £500 or more bill :eek:) so grocery budget been dramatically reduced this month- its in my sig but not official (might change it if bill is less/more!). Glad the freezer/cupboards are stocked ok, hopefully won't need anything else in the imminent future (I have some loose change from Friday's money but not letting myself take out anymore til this Friday or later!). Scouring the boards and other places for cheap ways of stretching what we have already (although not lentils/oats- bleurgh :o).
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    Sorry to post late - can I be put down for £200 again this month please?

    Thanks x
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  • Just logged on to update my spends in Asda today, looks like I don't have a lot left but I have menu planned for next couple of weeks as I want to empty Chest Freezer ready to stock up next month for Xmas so shall be using what we can out of there. Cupboards are also full to brim so should be ok, bought a few bits for Xmas and hidden those away from prying eyes.

    HM lasagne for Dinner tonight with HM Garlic Dough Balls and a big bowl of salad, pudding is some Strawberries that were whoopsied in Asda this morning to 56p a punnet, managed to get 4 punnets.:D Also got a big Root veggie pack whoopsied to 34p so shall be making some Soup tomorrow;) and got some Vine tomatoes that were whoopsied to 59p so shall be roasting those off tonight to make some Tomato sauce to stash in the freezer.:D

    Good Luck MRSMC with the scan and everything.
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    just in to update my spends, spent £14.45 today at Morrisons, for yogurts (again), milk, bread (didnt have time to make some, because ive been so busy today & yesterday), bed mats for DS#2, gan of treats for the kids, and cooked ham, will update sig in a mo, and go back to read everyone elses posts.

    Jackie xx
  • Just tried T value curry sauce its lovely. Will have to have it again in the future. Need meals as cheap as possible this month as my laptop is on its way out and have bought a new one:eek: an expense I didnt need. At least it is at the start of the month so have enough time to cut back. Hope this month goes well for you all. xx
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  • Just had the first spend of the month, dog food and milk. Total of $8, so feel that I'm right on track.
    should have NS Days until the weekend, although as its General Election weekend, may just have to have an election party!
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