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    I'm still not sure what % I want in cash compared to S&Ss hm.

    And when did ISAs start? No idea, 90s I think.... I think. I shall try to find out.[/quote]

    I took out my first PEP in 1990 under the Cons which is the for runner of Stocks & Share isa's so named by Prudence and then he taxed them at 10% at source just like the pension funds.:(
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    Probably worth noting that TESSAs were more restrictive then cash ISAs. To get the tax break you had to keep them open until maturity - they had a five year term. I for one was never in a position to take advantage of TESSAs and wouldn't be now if they were still running - I've never been in a position to be able to tie my savings up for five years. As soon as cash ISAs were launched I opened an instant access one (with Nationwide, if I remember rightly). I've not been able to max out every year, but have still built up a nice sum with interest. Unfortunately, I transferred the lot into icesave....

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