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Best Buy Bear
edited 1 December 2014 at 12:02AM in Site Feedback
Update 1 Feb 2008: Links can no longer automatically be put in signatures. The posters below have asked for and been given permission in the past and we've made sure their links stay. If any find that there's a problem and the link isn't staying please email [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL] and we'll look into it. These posters may link to this thread to show they are on the list if need be :)

10past6 - MSE Debt Help Plan
amistupid - Poem for Chris Hyde
andrew-b -
andyf1980 - Debt help agencies
Angelina-M -
Anyone with a link to
arkonite_babe - Norn Iron Club thread links
bbb_uk - SayNoTo0870
Bookworm1363 - Consumer Action Group
C_Ronaldo - saynotto0870
Crabman - Saynoto0870
dalip - CCCS etc
dalkirst - forum rules and competition board rules
debt doctor - Citizens Advice, CCCS, NationalDebtline, Payplan
DonnyDave - Saynoto0870
EagerLearner - Savings Planner
EmmieHarris - Charity (CH REG NO : 1095611)
fermi - Citizens Advice, CCCS, NationalDebtline, BusinessDebtline
GiveItBack - Consumer Action Group
hannoja - Official MSE A to Z
Heinz - Link to best Cheapest Home Telephone Providers
inspector monkfish - PORT Charity (reg no. 1114217) DaisyPalmertrust
leclerc - Lending Code
Lensman - Citizens Advice, CCCS, NationalDebtline
Let_Robinson_Sing - Debt help links
Manda1205 - Support Our Soldiers
molerat - Help for heroes (reg no. 1120920)
mumoftwins - Capuk UK
natweststaffmember - Lending Code
nickmack - Bank Charges
North East Derbyshire CAB Ned-cab, CCCS, NationalDebtline, Payplan
philhuff - Staples2Naples
philnicandamy - Citizens Advice, CCCS, NationalDebtline, Payplan
queensway_boy - MoneySavingExpert Email Tips
Rex_Mundi - Link to Savings Planner
Richard_S - CCCS 0800 138 1111, National Debtline 0808 808 4000, Business Debt Line 0800 197 6026 CAB
rls1973 -
Sam_26 -
sickasachip13 - CCCS Debt Help blog
silvercharming - Debt help links
squeaky - Old Style Board
tigerfeet2006 - CCCS 0800 138 1111, National Debtline 0808 808 4000, Business Debt Line 0800 197 6026 CAB
tigermatt - MoneySavingExpert Tips link
tine - Debt help links
Tyw7- Antivirus Guide
Velvet Glove - comping guide
wallopadonkey -
wherediditallgo - Citizens Advice, CCCS, NationalDebtline, Payplan
Wolverine - Free Cinema Tickets thread
torbrex - Forumites photos thread

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