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    well no refund went through today, what a surprise!

    Phoned them back today and got through to a guy at some forign call centre that could hardly make out what i was saying >:( he took my account number etc and promised to sort it out, we will see.....

    For anyone thinking of using these guys i would think again. It gave me no increase in speed and it is proving a pain to get my cash back.
    Snootchie Bootchies!
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    I have tried this from a 1 month free trial from comp mag cd, yes at the moment it only works with i.e. (i use opera much better brouser) but have tried it out with i.e. and it works very well
    when it works with opera i will pay for it
    if you are not getting expected speed try lowering pic quality in the settings, it also downloads email verry fast
    look at there website for current mags with free trial
    have fun ;D
  • I received the following email at the end of Jan:


    High speed Web and Email access without a broadband connection is now available as a free 14 day trial through V Two One, the first ISP to team up with ONSPEED, a revolutionary new software download which instantly enables Web users with a dial-up connection to browse the Net with Internet Explorer and use email at near broadband speeds (https://www.v21.co.uk).

    As part of future partnership plans, V Two One’s dial-up customers will be invited to use ONSPEED free of charge for a two-week period, after which
    they will be able to purchase and download the software for just £24.99 per year – a considerable saving for Web users who will benefit from 70%
    of the benefits of broadband for less than 10% of the cost.

    With no contract, no hardware to install, no waiting for engineers and the ability to use ONSPEED within minutes regardless of location, V Two One’s
    customers will be delighted with this brand new broadband alternative. On bandwidth tests ONSPEED consistently speeds up surfing by 300-500% and
    email by up to 900%. A homepage, which typically takes thirteen seconds to download on a standard 56k dialup connection, takes just four seconds
    with ONSPEED.

    The most dramatic effect is with GPRS mobile phone connections where, with speed improvements averaging between 300 – 600%, ONSPEED can reduce the cost of downloading a batch of emails from a prohibitive £1.75 to just £0.25p.

    Jamie True, Marketing Director, ONSPEED, enthused, “We are delighted to partner with V Two One as part of ONSPEED’s UK launch. Their vision for
    the future of the Web is well matched with our philosophy and ground-breaking technology, and I am confident that V Two One’s dial-up users will enjoy logging on to the Web with ONSPEED immediately!”

    Steve Kaye, Managing Director, V Two One, said, “We are delighted to have been chosen by ONSPEED as the first UK ISP to offer free trials of an exciting technology breakthrough that will change the way millions of
    people surf the Web. I look forward to welcoming many more customers keen to try out ONSPEED’s pioneering software!”
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    Yeh, I got that too Alared. But my question is: WHEN is this trial going to start?
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    This is what it says above:
    As part of future partnership plans, V Two One’s dial-up customers will be invited to use ONSPEED free of charge for a two-week period,

    V21 is the parent company of F4,that`s how we got the email.

    If their future plans are the same as opening extra ports it`ll be in the year 2020 but if they`re getting a cut of the money ---- it`ll be tomorrow!!!!
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    I am with V21, noticed a bit of discussion in their forum re Onspeed (q.v.). Mixed reaction, but mainly negative. Interestingly we haven't all received these invitation emails, though apparently we all will over the next couple of months. Shan't hold my breath from what you experts say! ;D
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    I looked at some of reviews on the onspeed website from magazines. They do not appear to have editted any negative comments.

    Not all are particularly positive in terms of the increased speed. One also states there is no benefit for those with Broadband.
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    My recent experience of Onspeed:

    No significant gain in speed for 56k, except at lowest quality setting, which then produces fuzzy text & blurry pictures.

    Pages did appear complete quicker, but longer delay in moving between pages and odd page did not appear at all or for some reason onspeed couldn't find it.

    Computer locked up completely sometimes (this did not happen before & has not happened since i uninstalled onspeed).

    Having cancelled my account in the trial period by email & uninstalling, discovered money had already been taken and had to phone up to confirm refund request.

    Very unresponsive staff; person I spoke to was not in the least interested & it took 4 goes for him to get my details correct (still awaitng refund and not confident).

    I've now gone to broadband & v happy with it as it is.
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    Having read all of the above, I'm really surprised that this product has received a five-star review and "Buy-it" recommendation in the latest edition of Computeractive.
    Makes you wonder!
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