Hi all,
Am trying to make a start on saving money and I wondered if there were any offers on ENERGY MONITORS just now, just so I am aware of how much elec my appliances are using.
Lesley x


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    Patience ;) There will be loads of British Gas-branded OWL monitors on ebay shortly and the proliferation of them will undoubtedly drag down prices, maybe to similar levels to the IMO less useful plug-in type monitors.

    Here's the reason for the unfolding of this potential future scenario:

    Call me Carmine....

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    kyh wrote: »

    As discussed in many threads, that Owl monitor does not do what the OP wants i.e. show how much electricity the appliances are using.

    To do this you need the £7 - £10 Aldi/lidl/Maplin plug in meter.

    e.g. a freezer will use, say, 200 Watts when the compressor is running, but most of the time the compressor will not be running.
  • edinburgh_lesley
    Sorry maybe I wasnt very clear in my post,
    its how much the item costs me to have it on that I want a meter for.
    E.g-tumble dryer on for 30 mins cost me how much in cash!
    Thankyou for helping
    Lesley x
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    That link shows the offer ended in September.
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    Then the Owl is no use at all for that purpose, or for vitually any other appliance, and you need the cheaper plug in type appliance in my post above.

    Most plug in appliances(computer equipment, fridges, freezers, microwaves, w/machines, dishwashers, dryers, irons, heaters etc etc) have a thermostat or variable consumption and you can only measure what they cost to run over a period of time using the plug in type monitor.

    The Owl and similar types of meter measure the consumption of the whole house and tell you how much electricity you are using at that instant. It cannot distinguish between the electricity being used by your lights, TV, washing machine, fridge etc etc over any period of time and cannot give you any indication of what an appliances costs to run.
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    I keep getting posts coming out in a solid block of text as in the post above.

    Anyone any ideas why?

    This is now OK(I haven't done anything) and I have edited the post. However I notice lots of posts like this from other posters.
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    I have a plug in type and a meter measure.

    With the plug in type (Maplins, Lidl or similar about £7), you plug it into a socket and plug appliance in. You can then record how much it costs to run a washing machine load or how much the tumble drier costs for an hour's use and so on.

    With this information, you can work out where you can make valuable savings (wash at 30deg instead of 40deg) and which are not so valuable (turning off something on standby) and how much they all add up to.

    With the other type (about £30) it tells you how many watts/kwh you're using. As you switch things on it goes up, as you switch off, it goes down so you can see what causes surges and how much difference it makes switching off those lights. At the end of the day, mine tells me how many kwh I've used today, how many this week and how many this month. I know if I do c aouple of loads of washing and ironing, some ironing and we're in all day, I'll be looking at 15-18 units whereas on a quiet day when we've been out a lot, it'll be 8. I know if we're all in different rooms, and then gather to watch TV, the reading should go down. If it doesn't, I know the lights etc have been left on.

    I've found both useful and they've probably already paid for themselves. I've passed on the plug in type and will probably do the same to the other one once I'm confident we've all got the message. At the moment, we still need a bit of policing - some of us more than others.
  • edinburgh_lesley
    thanks MagentaSue,that sounds exactly what I need. Will hunt round Lidl for plug in one to start.Hoping to make my teenage kida aware!!!!!!
    Got to live in hope.lol
    Small start to cutback, and try and reduce my expenditure.
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    Owl £29.99 @ Tesco (I know it's not suitable here - just including it for reference)

    Maplin plug-in monitor £9.99

    Lidl plug in monitor - still available in my local store £6.99 I think

    Aldi plug in monitor - sold out at my local store within a matter of days. was £6.99
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