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Confused about whether to swap or not.. Help

molezak Posts: 84 Forumite
As is recommended, I (being the one or worries about rising prices) have tried to use the comparison sites and I've become confused about whether we'd save if we switched... sorry to appear a bit daft but could anyone advise?

I'm looking purely for electricity as we have no gas and an awfully un-economical oil-fired central heating system.

We are 2 adults with a 2 year old and a baby in a 2 bed private rented property (which we have no permission to improve insulation etc (badly needed).

I am home most of the day with the children.

The computer is on a bit, as is the TV.
We are currently with Scottish Power on their Discounted Energy Online Tariff.

The bills are really confusing at the moment and have obviously confused Scottish Power too as they have only just closed our account from our old house whish we moved from in June despite several phone calls.

From a phone call I gather we still have £55 remaining to pay for our old property (which is coming out Direct debit).

I think we are currently paying £21 a month direct debit to pay off the old property and £16 per month for our new house (but this will go up I think as I've just imputted a new meter reading into our online account) - so 2 direct debits a month - even though I've made them aware the old account needs closing and to move the bill to the new account. I can't get energy helpline to work (error page comes up).

What is the best price comparison site to use? Has anyone any general advise because I find just looking at the bills confusing especially as Scottish Power are sending one each to me and my husband :rolleyes: and the current 2 we've been sent are addressed to our new address but for billed for our old one... we've not even had a bill for our new address, I have to look it up online! Grrr

Any advise on getting the right supplier/tariff would be appreciated - It's so hard to find the time to research with 2 tiny children. Whenever I have managed to get onto the price comparison sites, British Gas and EDF come up at the top but not by much but I don't know if I'm imputting the right info!

Thanks, Kate x


  • Magentasue
    Magentasue Posts: 4,229 Forumite
    Rather than looking at monthly payments, work out how many kwh you use in a year. Maybe you can look back and find a meter reading from last October and subtract it from today's? Otherwise, look back (statements with actual readings online if you can) or ring your supplier and get the readings from then.

    Then you can look up the kwh costs and calulate.
  • molezak
    molezak Posts: 84 Forumite
    Thanks magentasue, I find it all gobbledegook looking at the bills as all it shows for a bill covering 3 months is 3 meter readings per meter of which there were 3 meters and that was only for the old house, not this one (one meter reading), so I think all I can do to find out our annual usuage, is ring them and ask! Would our tariff not need to be different though to one without a new baby in the winter? - i.e. our bill for the next 12 months will be very different to the last 12? (we had to be quite tight over the last 12 months). Do I not need to take that into consideration when using a comparison site? I'm not sure whether I should over-estimate our usage on purpose?!

    Thanks Kate x
  • Magentasue
    Magentasue Posts: 4,229 Forumite
    Yes, it wouldn't hurt to overestimate - factor in extra laundry (maybe a couple of extra loads of washing and drying = 4-kwh a week). Don't suppose there's much else if you have oil CH.

    But it comes down to what you can afford as well - if you can only afford to pay £x, you need to adjust consumption to match.

    No good looking at use over 3 months as it will probably vary over the year.
  • nabz10
    nabz10 Posts: 13 Forumite
    ok i need help working mine out !!

    7th june 2008 gas 1625

    7th june 2008 elec 46926

    10th oct - gas = 1800

    10 oct - elec = 47504

    ?? how do u work out how much u r paying i am on npower standard tarrif
    which is (gas) 8p for the first 1143 and 2.6 after that and elec 15p for the first 182 and then 14.7 there on !!
    and possibly going on to scottish power price fix 2009 NSC

    need help thanks !!
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