'Is Santa hit by the Credit Crunch?' blog discussion



  • badbunny42 wrote: »
    The trouble is, we will need to do it without shaking the christianity she is developing despite living in a house of athiests.

    Um, why not? Are you regretful atheists? :P I agree with vegankris.
  • Santa may be up against hard times, but there are still things santa can do, he can work smarter, not harder!

    Santa has a keen following of young fans, he should website (and have free downloads and a squeeze page), e-mail with lots of money saving tips and tricks for mum and dad and children!

    He could text his latest offers and discounts on a 48 hour buy now or offer expires basis to his clients (having got their mobile phone numbers by asking for them to enter a brilliant competittion).

    Santa could partner up with other similar organisations such as his (like the elves and faries!) who could sell his products and services whilst he does the same for them (why have 10 sales people, when you can have 300) all getting a cut of comission, yes lower profits maybe, but higher turn over, better that than none!

    As Santa says, you must learn to share your toys, and this important phrase although long forgotten as adults still applies in times of need... Club together, sell together, and listen to the people who buy YOUR CUSTOMERS!
    www.lateral.webnode.com could be your ideal business christmas present as its FREE and full of credit crunch business solutions based on sharing and loving the customer, HAPPY CHRISTMAS! :rotfl:
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