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    by the time children are at school there is a danger that other children will tell them santa doesnt exist, certainly by 9 or 10 they won't believe whatever they claim. So obviously the older ones can and should have the money situation explained to them - they need to know that parents have a limited budget otherwise they will never cope with their own spending as adults.
    Younger children who do believe probably won't notice unless there are hardly any presents, especiallly if they get a few large but not expensive things (size does matter!). Its the parents who insist on brands and designers not the kids, they only follow the parents lead.
    and if they want an expensive present: well tough I am afraid. We have to say no sometimes otherwise they will become spoilt. No reason need be given other than its too much money! If they still argue: santa can't get expensive presents for all children so parents would have to buy it and they can't afford it.
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    My parents are strict catholics and we never found out about father christmas until we went to (catholic) primary school. Mum wasn't happy as all along she'd told us that we gave each other gifts on Christmas day to remember that the wise men gave gifts to baby Jesus and she felt that substituting Jesus with the coca-cola santa claus was confusing for a 5 year old and may be diluting our christian beliefs. She chilled out eventually.

    My Christmas list has taken quite a chop this year due to a huge number of deaths in the last year, if i still had all my relatives i would have told my nieces that aunti jen didn't have the money to buy them huge presents but i'd still try to get them something special.
  • We could NEVER lie to our children so the santa issue doesn't arrive. As my 5 year old said, "people are really mean to believe in Father Christmas because Jane and Rachael don't get any presents and they are good" - 2 little girls we sponsor in Africa. Or does Santa only bring presents if you live in a 'rich' country. Tell children the truth and I promise you Christmas is still special and they know who to thank for their presents for. In our house we don't do any Christmas lists and they are always so happy with what they receive.
  • Of course santa is hit by the credit crunch!! With the price of food going up as it is, he'll have to cut back on his workforce as feeding all the elves and reindeers must be hitting him in the wallet.
    We've been relatively unaffected so far by the credit crunch - watch your driving, make meals in bulk and freeze in tubs etc etc - it all keeps a cap on things. We expect, only just having switched the heating on (for the first time this year) last week and with the increase in gas prices, it'll soon come and bite us.
    I hope it all goes soon, I'm sick of hearing about it and wondering what's around the next corner. :confused:
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    We also tell the kids in our family that we send money to Santa for the Christmas presents that he brings.

    This won't be the first time that our kids are aware of reduced spending at Christmas as some of the family were hit by the Farepak collapse. Having said that, we all agreed to reduce spending on presents for the adults more than the kids and we don't go as mad as some on the cost of the kids' presents.
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    nope santa seems to be giving 150 quids worth to each child though it will be a struggle, per my husband!
    :love: married to the man of my dreams! 9-08-09:love:
  • Like a couple of previous posters in our family the tradition was that santa filled the stocking with smaller presents and chocolates etc and that presents under the tree were from family.

    The stocking was never supposed to be expensive.

    If children ask for expensive presents then there is nothing wrong with telling them no, or arranging for it to be a joint present from several relatives or for both christmas and birthday. It shocks me how much is spent on children.

    Mt nephew also gets a fairly conservative stocking and then presents from all the family. Since his birthday is a few days later and lots of friends and relatives buy for him I doubt he'd notice if he got nothing from his Mum!
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    I think it's wrong to tell children presents come from Santa anyway! So if you have problems telling children about this whole issue it's your own fault for letting the lie continue...
  • You could explain to them that their minds are being poisoned by advertising and a culture of consumerism. Explain that when they discover what life is really about, they will regret their previous desire to own as many things as possible.

    On the Santa issue, you could just point out that the probability of his existence is equal to that of the God that most of them waste many hours praying to, singing about, and learning clumsy morality fables from at school under the guise of education, at least that's what I did.

    Christmas should be about spending TIME with the family, having fun, getting together to have a nice feed.
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    This is a real worry for us, our 7 year old really takes things to heart and is going to be hard hit by the Santa conversation. She was distraught enough when she lost a tooth down the sink while washing it (it turned out that the tooth fairy was small enough to fit through the plug hole and get it).
    The trouble is, we will need to do it without shaking the christianity she is developing despite living in a house of athiests.
    If you don't mind me asking, I'm curious as to why, if you are a household of atheists, you'd want to raise your child christian?

    FWIW, I was raised CoS christian, but as you fear will happen to your daughter, became an atheist myself at around the age of 7, after discovering I'd been being lied to about Santa, the tooth fairy and the easter bunny! I was completely confused at how grown-ups still pretended to believe in God and Jesus in front of me when I'd made it clear I was too old for make-believe. I became even more confused when I got older and realised grown-ups actually did believe in religion and that they weren't just pretending to for a child's benefit! 21 years on my views on religion haven't changed much!
    Owing to financial constraints, the light at the end of the tunnel has been switched off until further notice. :(

    Illegitimi Non Carborundum!!!:cool:
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