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    Can anyone advise/help please?
  • I recently bought 4 x flights (2 x out, 2 x return) to Italy with Ryanair on a credit card. Each flight cost £68 so the total transaction was £272.

    The flights were cancelled due to the volcanic ash, and although Ryanair have offered a refund they are taking a looooong time to process it. So I thought I'd see whether my credit card company could put any pressure on and get me the money back sooner under Section 75.

    I spoke with Trading Standards and unfortunately they confirmed the interpretation in the main MSE article - i.e. that although I paid over £100 in a single transaction, because each individual flight was less than £100 and was effectively bought as a separate item Section 75 does not apply.

    Something I'll certainly bear in mind for future purchases as I have assumed I'd be covered under Section 75!

    It's not too bad in the this case as Ryanair will (eventually) get around to sorting the refund, but does seem to leave the purchase of multiple cheap flights direct from the airline unprotected.
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    Hello Friends..
  • Stays for my yacht were not delivered / stolen.
    Chandler refuses to help. (He had a key to yacht but did not put stays in boat.)
    MBNA say go to County Court.
    Can you help?
  • I purchased a set of 6 dining chairs (£372), they are not available individually - the smallest quantity you can buy is a pair of chairs for £139. The company itemised the invoice (presumably for accounting purposes) and Barclaycard have used this itemisation to not agree a Section 75. The Financial Ombudsman Service initially agreed that Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act applied in this instance but upon review informed me yesterday that they have reversed this decision because of the itemisation of the invoice.

    If someone purchased a 3 piece suite for £297 and the seller itemised the invoice so that the chairs were £99 each and the sofa was £99 and the suite was faulty does this mean that the consumer is not protected by Section 75? The consumer purchased a 3 piece suite not 3 individual items. It seems grossly unfair to me when it is obviously one single transaction.

    How do I fight this unfair ruling?
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