Who do you trust to run the economy? poll discussion

Poll between 30 Sept - 06 Oct 08: Who do you trust to run the economy?

Who do you trust to run the economy?

We’ve just seen worldwide financial turmoil on an unprecedented level. Which of the following couples would you choose to run the economy, there’s no “no one” option as the aim is to find your top pick of those available.

Important. Forget ALL other political issues, choose if it were ONLY about the economy.

A. Gordon Brown & Alistair Darling - 42% (2874 votes)
B. David Cameron & George Osborne - 46% (3167 votes)
C. Nick Clegg & Vince Cable - 12% (838 votes)

This poll has now ended, but you can still click 'post reply' to discuss below. Thanks :)
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  • I'll go for D. Martin Lewis !!!:D
  • Thanks for giving us so many choices Martin. I don't trust either of those 3 parties.

    Only gullible idiots vote Labour, Conservative or Lib-Dem.
  • better the devil you know I say! plus as Brown was chancellor in a previous life, he quite likely knows a thing or 2 about money?! - well thats my reasoning anyway but its only to make myself feel better about the doom and gloom in the papers! Plus I've never heard of any of the others except David Cameron.

    I'd trust Martin Lewis more though! Ever thought of running for PM Martin?!

    :ABeing Thrifty Gifty again this year:A

  • Its hard to trust either of the top 2.

    The only one out of those 6 qualified is Vince Cable.
  • Vince Cable's the one to trust as he actually knows what he talks about. Many of the things happening now were things he warned about a year ago.

    Gordon Brown was in charge of the money side for 10 years and all the chickens are coming home to roost. "Prudence" - Pah!

    David Cameron and George Osborne do not have the political gravitas to offer any thing different.

    Sadly, Lib Dems will never become the main party because they dont have enough high profile people in their top posts I like to think I know a bit about politics but I can only name two of the lib dem cabinet...........

    Therefore my suggestions to Gordon Brown are these -
    raise income taxes;
    abolish stamp duty;
    increase the tax breaks and incentives for people to save money;
    make it a lot harder for people in any area of life to get credit, whether its housing or credit cards;
    give people proper incentives to go green

    But hey what do I know?

  • Another vote for Vince (but not cleggy - populist chav). but whoever we get it's not going to be good news for some time.
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    I'm for Vince Cable too. While he was temp leader he was by far the best of the three and he always comes across as measured and thoughtful.

    It's a real shame he couldn't be persuaded to keep the job. I think they've made a bad choice with Clegg.
  • I honestly don't think that there is anything to choose between the 3 main political parties - I wouldn't trust any of them.

    I am a part time civil servant & since labour came to power the amount of money wasted on "flavour of the month" schemes is disgusting, yet the level of service we provide to the public has become a joke, they never get to speak to the same person twice, letters take months to be answered & everything is done to a script giving standard answers, not the answer you require.

    Civil servants are leaving in their thousands as they feel that they are not given the tools to do a good job & provide a proper service to the public.

    The higher level civil servants get big fat bonuses & pay rises but the rest are often paid just above the minimium wage with the government using any excuse to avoid paying us a decent wage for an honest days work.
  • When a party has been in power for half a generation it is hard for younger people to judge them. I am 66 and have always taken an interest in politics and the economy. To find out the basic truth just query on the net the inflation rate and other economic factors for the years a Labour government entered office and left office. You will find that in every case they inherited a good situation and left a disastrous one. I am not talking left, right or centre politics just facts. This government inherited low inflation and good growth whatever they say, and look at it now!
  • I would have voted for Alan Sugar to run the country with Martin Lewis as Chancellor of the Exchequer. I'd also put in a vote for Jamie Oliver as Minister for Food.

    That's a dinner party I'd like to attend!!! :D
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