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Free fuel in a couple of years

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This is one to watch. There have been reports out for a while now that some of the major manufacturers have been "looking into" producing cars that run completely from Hydrogen.

The advantage is of course the tiny cost involved in actually making the fuel PLUS because the systems will probably use hydrides (basically a substance that absorbs hydrogen like a sponge absorbs water!) the fuel system will be safer.

if you don't want to wait that long though check out

They have been testing their systems for a while now and whilst not currently available this will probably be one of the key cornerstones of fuel as we know it. Save it to your favourites and remember in 15 years when Honda put out their "amazing new system" remember you saw it here first!!!
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  • Yeah Yeah, and where does the hydrogen come from? the little hydrogen fairies? Energy is required to electrolise water to produce the hydrogen (oxygen is the byproduct) Hydrogen should not be seen as an Energy source but as an energy storage medium, if you just think of it as a battery you're not far wrong. Hydrogen is an interesting fuel, but is dependant on electricity to produce it. How would like your electricity produced? Wind (currently more expensive that conventional) Wave Power (and you thought wind was expensive) Nuclear (mmmmm loverly ..... as long as they are not near me) Gas (fantastic , but hang on thers not much left) Coal (its just a tad on the dirty side, hardly emmisions friendly) or Oil (bu**er its all in the Middle East)

    I offer no answers, but physics cannot be denied
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  • WigWig Forumite
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    We will be taxed on our road use in future not our use of road fuel.
  • BenLBenL Forumite
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    Most likely to be both
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    Went to Iceland (country not shop!!) a couple of years back, when Shell had opened the worlds first hydrogen supplying, filling staion.

    & the very generous offer, which may still be running, is that the fuel is FREE!!

    One drawback, the only vehicles able to take up the deal, were public service buses & taxis!!

    A start, at least!!

  • This thought came to me the other day: what if this whole fuel thingy is nonsense, just another conspiracy theory, and that there is plenty of oil.

    It seems odd to me that there are no serious contenders for alternative fuel in the pipeline.

    I dont beleive anything - (all things are possible.)

    Has this thought occurred to anyone else?
  • vansboyvansboy Forumite
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    Getitright - well we KNOW thereisn't a shortage of oil - getting it out of the ground, is the hardest part!!

    They'll only pump it, from the easiest places first - then go back again, when they REALLY need to!!

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