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I currently heat my 4 bedroomed home in scotland using LPG (bp supply), you can negotiate various deals with all of the different suppliers and I found that competing one against the other leads to a lower price. You generally have to sign a contract with the companies and the shortest I could push for was 3 years. I am now on the second year of my deal and the gas price increases on a yearly basis.

The first year I paid 18.5p per litre of gas, this year I am 20.5p and next it will increase 22.5p. At the end of the contract you have to pay £50 to change suppliers and this fee is for Bp removing their tank to allow another company to put their tank in, but then the savings on the gas will easily pay for this in the first few months.

I currently pay a monthly direct debit of £60, which last year meant the company actually owed me money in the end up(not much though). This year it should be approximately 10% dearer.

One of my neighbours pays well over £100 a month to use oil, but then I have no idea of their consumption rates.

Another factor is obviously the age of your boiler or heating system, I currently have an old floor standing boiler which is supposed to be about 60% efficient but I am looking to change to a new condensing system which is supposedly 95% efficient, the savings should be obvious.

Hope this helps.

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    Thanks Alistair

    Our oil boiler is quite old so is probably not very efficient. I think it may be better for us to use calor gas for heating, although we will need to use oil for cooking on our rayburn.

    Thanks again
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  • i'm with shell gas (booo) and my price is now 28.5p per litre which is a hell of a lot more than BP. this is one disadvantage of gas - you're tied in as they own the tank and therefore you're stuck with a contract. oil allows you to shop around as you own the tank.
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    We've been with BP for our lpg tank since we moved here 9 years ago (originally was MacGas till BP took them over). Who are the other suppliers and do they have websites? Thanks
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