Ford Focus C-Max - engine loses power

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Am really hoping someone can help, I am about to tear my hair out!

I bought a 54 plate c-max ghia, 1.6 diesel in May. Lovely car, spot on what I wanted...except...driving along, go to accelerate and there is a distinct loss of power. Difficult to describe, but it doesn't matter how hard you put your foot down the car won't accelerate any more for a couple of seconds, until it feels like it! Garage have had the car I don't know how many times, they drive it about, fiddle with stuff, say that their computer doesn't show a fault and then give me it back, no better but with more miles on the clock! They have changed the throttle potentiometer but that made no real difference. I understand there have been problems with the c-max where they cut out completely, this is the EGR valve and replacement can cure the fault, but the garage are being a bit reluctant to change things when according to their computer there is no problem.

So, my main problem is now what do I do? I am going to contact the previous owner and see if she had any problems, but other than that do I just have to wait for the d*** thing to cut out all together - worst case scenario in the fast lane of the motorway - just to prove to the garage there is a fault? They have told my OH tonight that it is a "characteristic" - he told them in no uncertain terms it's not one we are living with!

Has anyone else had this problem, what did you do about it? I don't know what to do next!




    have a read through these, register and get reading on the second one, focus forum.

    EGR valve is a common problem!!!
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    the garage are being a bit reluctant to change things when according to their computer there is no problem.
    This so typical of modern fault finding. The computer can only flag up problems that it can detect. For example, put water into the fuel tank and the computer won't have any error flags.

    EGR sounds likely.
    Happy chappy
  • Try calling David at DK Auto Services in Rayleigh Essex - sorry - don't remember number off hand - starts 01268 7
    ... not much help with the rest. Not sure if he has a website.

    He's a good guy and knows his Fords.
    Master Technician
  • not up on modern cars.. but does it have a turbo? if so, this could be normal turbo lag... I've experienced it on many cars, and the only answer is not to floor the accelerator.... strangely some turbo cars accelerate from standstill better without the pedal all the way down
  • gay kirk may be right.
    you may find that the car will start to accelerate quicker the higher the revs are,this does sound like turbo lag,usually when the engine revs get to around 2500 the turbo will come in and then accelerate.
    if you want better acceleration try dropping a gear and see if it accelerates quicker. permit granted!
  • Thanks for the suggestions guys.

    It is a turbo diesel, but I don't think it's turbo lag. It happens under any acceleration - when it feels like it - neither OH or I drive particularly hard. We kept a diary of when it happens to show the garage, it tends to be between about 1500 and 2100 revs, it's just a complete dead spot when it happens.

    OH used to have a 1.8 focus diesel, same age, never had any problems like this!

    Jeannieblue - wil get OH to try this today, worth another opinion at the very least!

    Off to sign up to ffoc now, thanks chillidog.
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    This so typical of modern fault finding. The computer can only flag up problems that it can detect. For example, put water into the fuel tank and the computer won't have any error flags.

    EGR sounds likely.

    I have to agree, that is the problem with modern mechanics (technicians) if it doesn't show up on the diagnostics, then everything is okay.

    TitheRev, will be along shortly to dispute this ;->

    If it is EGR, it can be expensive to fix but you can just disconnect it. The links below are for the Mondeo but I would imagine it is fairly similar for a c-max.
  • Given that the garage have taken 4 months to realise that the fault with the fuel warnings and the parking brake were caused by a faulty relay, I don't have much faith in their diagnostic skills with or without a computer!

    On the bright side (I think) it is still under warranty so whatever needs doing is at their cost - perhaps why they are being so reluctant to do anything. OH suggested they might like to send it to another garage for a second opinion...seing as they appear not to have a clue!

    Think the most reliable car I have had was a 1.0 Fiat Uno - went together like lego!
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    The earlier CMAX did have a number of problems that are all well detailed on the sites given above, and also on We've got a 2.0TDCi and they suffered from a flat spot 'hesitation' at about 1700rpm. It was cured with a software update. Similarly, software updates cured incorrect warning messages for the electronic parking brake and a couple of other things that I can't now remember. You need to make sure that your car has had all the necessary software updates done. Diesel cars do drive differently to petrol, as I'm sure you know, and you will feel the additional power when the turbo kicks in.

    Ours did suffer a couple of times when the car would not rev beyond 2000 rpm - it seemed to cure itself eventually, not sure how or why, but we found when it happened, that pulling over, switching the engine off, leaving it and switching it back on again cured the problem (don't you just love it when that happens and you're never anywhere close to a dealer!).

    The trick is to find a good, knowledgeable dealer who will work with you to resolve the problems you're having. We've always been lucky in that the local, family run Ford dealership we use have been supportive and resolved all the problems as soon as Ford managed to fix them.

    They are a brilliant car when running well though. We've owned ours from new for four & a half years now (the longest we've ever kept a car) and I think when we do change, we'll go for the same again.

    Hope you manage to get it sorted. Which dealer are you using? A second opinion from a different dealer may not be a bad idea...

  • I'm using a local franchise but OH is trying to get them to take it to the next closest main dealer. Now the arguement is about who will pay, we have told them we don't actually care but it won't be ME. That is the whole point of having a warranty, and if the dealer can't find a fault because it doesn't show on the computer then it is THEIR problem to find and pay for someone who can! Getting a little ticked off now, haven't had my own car for more than a couple of weeks at a time since May - although I could start writing reveiws for most of the models in the current Ford range!!!!!
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