how do i get rid of gas pay meter

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i want to move in to a flat below mine.. its bigger.. but guy has card gas meter (xpnsv).. wud it cost me to get put on to normal meter in,. and do u think there will b lots of bother over his o/s debt.. ???


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    Contact the supplier, tell them you are the new occupier, stress you have no connection to the previous occupier, ask to be changed to a credit meter - you may need to prove that you're credit worthy!

    end of story! :)
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    easy as.. i like it.. just u hear so many nightmares about being chased 4 other people debt, just coz they have ur name.. but that sounds easy enough.. cheers ;)
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    We didn't have to pay anything to change the pre-payment meters in our new house. They will have to do a credit check. Took ages for them to change the meters over. That might have just been British Gas, though.

    Am ashamed to say that I still haven't got round to changing suppliers. Will put it on my money-saving 'to do' list!
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    many firms do charge and British gas will do a credit check before they will even think about it.

    scottish power will change it for free - once you ahev changed over

    never take advice from broke or unsuccessful people

    Jim Rohn
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    as far as i am aware british gas do an actual credit search

    some companies do their own internal credit scoring i.e. owning your home and having chq guarantee card/credit card gives you more points etc...

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