Did anybody last week not receive MME email?

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Greetings, everybody! Although I've subscribed to MME for around 4 years, this is my 1st. attempt at a thread!

I started with MME as above on my Tiscali email, with little problem; however, about 18 months ago, I started missing MME emails, so I decided to add Yahoo email to MME, so began receiving 2 x weekly emails, until about 6 months ago - then suddenly the MME Yahoo emails stopped, so I just received them via my Tiscali email.

I've always received said emails on Wednesdays; however, last week(Aug. 20th.) I never received one. I've just contacted Webmaster, as advised by MME site, & of course you would get more positive advice from telling hair-raising stories to Kojak(!?), so where do I go from here?? By the way, I always receive all of my private emails O.K.icon8.gif

I note some of you recommend unsubscribing to MME, then rejoining, and/or subscribing to another email, i.e. "gmail", whatever that is(?!) MME (I believe), blame the recipient's service provider, as apparently they sometimes change the settings, etc., etc. Unfortunately, I'm not as young as I was, & I really find all this confusing.

I'm therefore wondering if any of you guys(or, indeed 'guyesses!), can put me back on the "straight & narrow", please, so I can once again receive my usual Wednesday MME emails?? Thanks in anticipation!
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