Just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Really, thank you to the site and all of you who post your invaluable money saving tips on here. Newbie here who is absolutely astonished by the amount of money I've saved recently.

I've spent some time over the last few weeks (although I'm not finished yet!) reviewing all of our finances for 2 reasons really - firstly to try and save us some money (obviously) and secondly to make sure we were getting the best prices for everything.

Current savings are as follows:

Car Insurance - £215
MPPI - £488
Central Heating and Boiler Cover etc - £135
Pet Insurance - £82
Total so far of £920!! :j

I truly am astonished...and cross that I didn't do this sooner!

We also saved £450 by asking our Gas and Electric supplier to review our monthly direct debit payment as I felt we were overpaying (we've had solar hot water installed so are using little to no gas during the summer months) and they reduced it by £37.50 per month!

Total so far of £1370!! :j

Have just emailed Sky to reduce our TV package (only by £5 per month but every bit helps doesn't it!) so that's another £60 and I'm trying to persuade them to give us a free sky+ box too! If you don't ask....

Grand total so far of £1430!!:j

Still got a few areas to look at to see if we can save any more but I think this is a good start!!

Thanks again. :D
Grocery Budget from 24th August to 31st August - £100/Declared at £99.27 :j

Grocery Budget for September - £400


  • Well done Astonished

    This is exactly why the site exists, and we're glad you are making such impressive savings. Keep it going!

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  • I've just checked our gas and electric bills for the last 2 quarters compared to the same 2 quarters last year, and my strict policing of switching things off coupled with the solar hot water means that we've saved £96.11 so far this year (From Feb to July) and we've only used 10 units of gas since 22/07 (when the dastardly weather hasn't played ball!) so I am anticipating a much reduced bill next quarter too - watch this space.

    Grand total saved so far £1526.11 :j
    Grocery Budget from 24th August to 31st August - £100/Declared at £99.27 :j

    Grocery Budget for September - £400
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    Do you also get free broadband from Sky? Saves me £17 a month. Plus as I make a lot of overseas phone calls I switched to Sky's telephone package where I pay £5 a month and that gives me free overseas calls as long as I hang up within the hour and ring back! I don't make a lot of local or mobile phone calls though. So all up I pay about £25-30 per month for basic sky tv/broadband/phone. I still have to pay line rental through BT though.
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