How much should I take on holiday?

We are going to France in a couple of weeks self catering on a Keycamp holiday and I would like some advice on how much money we will need for 2 adults and 2 children (age 9 and 5), we really want to spend as little as possible, we are going for 10 days, can you give me any ideas how much we can get away with spending?

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  • gar123
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    google a place called carrefour its like a monster lidl and you can stock up on food for buttons if there is one near you, you know all the kids crisps and snacks that can add up
  • my friend just back from keycamp and said it was very expensive (euro) esp if you want to do trips to water park etc. she was 140 euros for that alone.

    i know its not france, but im just back from spain for 2 weeks 1/2 board and found it very expensive. we were careful, did enjoy ourselves but didnt go out every night drinking etc, didnt eat out at all for 2 weeks (instead ate at the half board restaurant) and we took £1,000 but had to put another 100 euros on my debit card. hope this helps a bit.
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    Hi we are going to France for 2 weeks, keycamp two children.

    We go Saturday and we are taking £1000. This is for all shopping and days out. We have around 80 euros a day budgeted after the initial supermarket shop, deposit on caravan and travel down there.

    We took 1000 last year on the same holiday and it was more than enough, some days we had out and spent our budget for that day, others we stayed on site and hardly spent any money.

    have a great time - where abouts are you going x x x x
  • milliemonster
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    the keycamp place we are going to has the waterpark onsite, I was led to believe that this is on the park and part of what we have paid for?

    £1000!!!!!! I wanted to get away with half that really
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  • OliveOyl_2
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    with the children, they may be old enough to have their own budget.
    eg €10, and if you show them how to divide it by the number of days, and if they save one day, they can spend twice as much the next day. :D It worked quite well with mine (DD spent hers by mid-week, DS brought most of his back home they haven't changed :rotfl: ) but that was in the days of Francs.....
  • Snaggles
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    Millemonster, it really depends on what you want to do. France has become more expensive for things like food etc, just as the UK has, but if you are just basically going to make meals yourself, use the facilities onsite (swimming pool? play area? etc), and just have a nice relaxing time drinking wine and eating fresh baguettes and cheese, then you wont need a huge amount of spending money. We took £600 last time we went, and brought about £50 back, although there were only 3 of us.

    Things like theme parks, restaurants etc will really eat into your budget though, so if you are going to do that type of thing, I would think you will need more than £500.

    Where are you going? If you have a quick Google, you can plan things to do in the area that aren't too expensive before you go.
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  • LilacPixie
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    I think you will struggle with £500 for 10 days if you want to do alot of trips etc.

    We did spain late last year. 2 adults 1 toddler and were £400 but we were all inclusive. Trips were a small fortune and while you are in these parks etc you really are at the mercy of the prices they charge. 3 euro a soft drink etc.
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  • milliemonster
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    Snaggles, thats exactly what we are planning to do we are just going for a relaxing holiday with the kids in the pool, maybe take them to the beach, walks etc, we're not really into theme parks etc!, we're staying in Brittany, can't remember the exact name of the place
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  • exchange rate is dire compared with last year - feels a bit like one for one at the mo....
  • OliveOyl_2
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    9 and 5 year olds love having Mum & Dad's attention.

    My 3's (18, 21 & 21) memories are nearly always the cheap things we've done, but where we've spent time with them.
    Buckets & Spades stuff. :rotfl:
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