Halifax delibrate time wasting

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As you may or may not be aware

On the 26th of Oct, we chose to move our Cash-isas to halifax plc to fix in the 5.8%, Well after filling in several forms to this effect, and making a calll on the 8th of Nov, where it was confirmed that they are in reciept of the monies, in addition to sending more docs off to indicate a fixed rate ISA

What do we get in the post today ?

We get 2 halifax variable rate ISA's !!!

What's happened to the bloody 5 year fixed ????

Okay I give them a call, and they say, give it a couple of days and then go down to your branch to fix it. Which basically sounded like they were fobbing me off.

This got me suspicous, so I went back to the halifax fixed rate ISA page, and guess what ? The rate has dropped today from 5.8% to 5.7% TODAY !

This stinks !!!!, Now I know why the set the ISA's as variable rate instead of fixed so that they would NOT be locked in at 5.8% instead at the lower changed rate !

This despite halifax having recieved the funds on the 5th of November.

Okay, I am going to give them till the 20th, though I don't expect anything, then complain in writing.

BUT Let this be a warning to you ALL !!! - The Halifax unlike some other banks - ARE slow, you could say deliberatly slow in transfering ISA's so that they can cheat their customers out of the latest rate if they KNOW they are going to drop the rates in a couple of weeks time !

halifax gets 0/10 for being fair to their customers. Add in that they have f'd up a couple of standing orders recently and I am contemplating moving my accounts away.


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