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    Has anyone else spotted any errors in Martin's book in the paperback version?

    To start the ball rolling, page 3:

    "It's breadth, depth and store of information..."
  • Thanks Judi. The reason I am trying to save money etc is to pay off my student loan - the only debt I have left 1.5 years after graduation, having worked hard to pay off two 2 grand overdrafts and a credit card too - but it's 17 grand...quite daunting. Any advice?
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    Pop down here flower. It may look a little daunting at first, but theres always someone worse off than yourself financially. Why dont you put up a post on the board and ask for a little advice/support, they are a friendly lot and always ready to help.

    A big well done for paying off the debts you have. You have done really well in such a short space of time. (I hang my head in shame and admit to taking 18 months to pay off a £500 credit card before my days of MSE:o).

    I dont look at a student loan as a debt, i look at it as an investment in your future. Granted it has to be paid back, but i am sure with what you know, and what your about to learn you will pay it off in no time.
  • Well I am a very new money saver with I am sure a great deal to learn just wanted to say I have read the book a very intresting read and have already started to put my newly gained knowledge to good use it was the best purchase I have made for years and as I got my sister to get some books at the same time a bargin at £3.99 from Amazon.
  • Hi,
    I felt pretty pleased with a purchase in my local British Bookstores/Sussex stationers @ £4.99. The cover looks just like the one on this Martin's websited with a stamped Updated version on the bottom right corner (inside said revised 2005).
    On looking at the details on Amazon for comparison I found that the ISBN # (0091906881) was the same as the copy I bought BUT the number of pages said 448. The copy I bought has 430 pages. To further confuse the matter the entry on the site said it had 368 Pages (and the same picture). So I went to the publishers website, Random House and it said 448 pages, updated Dec 2005.
    Can someone tell me if I have the latest vesion please?


    Helter_Skelter :rolleyes:
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    Helter-skelter - I work in publishing, and what is probably catching you out is the fact that the prelim pages are numbered separately from the rest of the book. If you have a look at the first pages in the book, they are numbered in roman numerals (I've got the old version, and they are numbered up to xvii, with xviii blank - which gives 18). Add that on to the other 430 pages, and that gives 448 in total. In my old 2004 version, there are 350 pages plus 18, giving 368 in total. My guess is that the information on the website hasn't been properly updated for the new version. Which is a long way round of saying that if your book says revised 2005, has the right cover and ISBN number, I think it must be the right one!
  • Thanks Tyllwyd,

    I checked for the unumbered prefix pages and you are right there are 18, so 18 + 430 gives the published number of 448, so as you said I have the latest addition.
    Confusing system.
    Thanks again

    Helter_Skelter :smiley:
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    Last week in "The Independent" they gave away a book of so called "facts". Under D for Diets they had :-

    Best selling diet books on

    1. The Money Diet - Martin Lewis

    Not only saves you money, but helps you loose weight as well!
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    cool :)

    I didnt know that :)
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  • hi,just bought my copy from,price is now £5.50 with free postage.It would be cheap even if they moved the decimal point!!!! not that as a moneysaver i am going to sugest it.
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