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What’s this about? Parking at the airport can cost a fortune. Yet there are many ways to cut this cost. The first point of call is read the full Cheap Airport Parking guide. Then having found the cheapest it can find you, this discussion is specifically to talk about local parking and tips for

Cheap EdinburghAirport Parking

If you want to discuss airport parking in general please go to the Cheap Airport Parking Discussion.

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  • RaspberryFoolRaspberryFool Forumite
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    Be careful when using an off-site car park that moves your car after you leave it. The cars are often squeezed together and can get damaged. I know someone who parked at the inaptly named 'Secure Airpark' and returned to find a damaged car. The car park denied all responsibility. It made it a very expensive trip. I prefer to use sites where you park the vehicle yourself.
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  • skattiliskattili Forumite
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    I've always found FHR the cheapest. It was a full 7 £ cheaper for 12 days parking , compared to holidayextras. Using Quidco and also a free 2.5£ online voucher code- I got a few more £'s savings on top
  • DagobertDagobert Forumite
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    Be careful when using an off-site car park that moves your car after you leave it.
    FHR, for instance, moves the car. I am not keen on the idea.

    But how do you know which ones move the cars?
  • I think you'll struggle to find one that doesn't move the cars that isn't an onsite car park. Most of the car parks 'block park' so they can get more cars in. Most of the time this is absolutely fine - I've been countless times and never had a problem (touch wood) - but there is always a possibility of something happening.

    I know that a lot of the car parks take pictures of your car before you leave it, certainly on meet and greet services, so I usually take my own pictures when I park up so I've got my own evidence should anything happen.

    Incidentally, I've just had an email from who I've used a few times. They're offering a free parking draw for every booking make this month and a 5% discount off everything on their site. This is the link ...
  • fatgitfatgit Forumite
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    anyone happen to have any codes for airport parking with Edinburgh airport companies?
  • Just used FHR to book 4 days parking, added this "FHR-P2009" code and got additional £ 2.50 off :rotfl:
  • No discount codes or anything, but some decent "common sense" information here in this blog post:
  • Hello fellow MoneySavers!

    I'd really appreciate some advice on parking at Edinburgh Airport. This is the first time I'm flying from there, and the first time I need to park my car! I'm travelling up from Newcastle, but because of the flight times, trains and buses in both directions are not possible.

    I've searched the web and found a few good deals for 3-days parking in May, hovering around £17-£18.
    However, because I've read some horror stories about vehicles being moved after they've been parked, I'm specifically looking for a self-park option, where I can take the keys away with me!

    Can anyone recommend a long stay self-park car park, that's easy to locate and has a reliable transfer service?
    In particular, as anyone ever used the Edinburgh Long Stay airport car park? Their "supersaver offer" is currently very reasonable, and I was thinking of going with it (although it doesn't state 'self-park).

    Finally, has anyone ever been held rigidly to the book-in times? I'm a bit worried because I'm travelling a fair distance, and despite my best efforts, I could arrive half and hour early (or late) due to traffic.

    Many thanks!! :)
  • traceyrtraceyr Forumite
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    Munro Bagger - did you find somewhere to park your car how did you get on would you recommend it?

    I am looking for secure parking at Edinburgh in September. We are going on a coach holiday which leaves from the airport at 0030 are the carparks strict on timings if we booked to arrive at midnight and got there 10 mins early do you think they would charge extre day?

    I have used flying scot before but wonder if anyone can recommend any other secure paking at Edinburgh.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.
  • Please please please!!! I need to book parking at Edinburgh airport now and I'm in great need of a discount code. Cant seem to find any anywhere. Ive compared prices and the cheapest I can find is £27 odd but for only 7 days I would love to save a few more pounds. Please help :money:
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