Water Quality in Hertfordshire

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I recently travelled to Hertfordshire with my hubbie, staying in a hotel for one night. Obviously we usually live in Yorks and when I have a shower at home, I give no thought to the water. However, at this hotel, and unsure whether it's like this in Herts as a rule, when we had a shower (separately :D ) it felt like the water wouldn't rinse the soap off my skin and my skin felt quite greasy no matter how many times I tried to rinse it off.

Could this be due to the quailty of the water there, could it be due to that area having soft water and us hard (or vice versa) - whatever it was, it felt weird and took me twice as long in the shower as usual.
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    Can't really say whether this is the case or not as I have been to neither place, but water quality does affect how my skin feels when I've showered. In Oxford the water is hard and my skin always feels dry and itchy after a shower. Whenever I go to a place with soft water the difference is obvious to me as my skin feels soft, eczema clears upon me and my kids.
  • Hi Helen

    I don't live in Herts but my guess would be its hard water you had a shower in. Hard water does not mix well with shampoos/soaps/detergents due to the excessive minerals it contains. I used to live in Lancashire where the water was soft naturally, i moved to Kent 3 years ago and suffered the same symptoms as you did. In the end i got a water softener installed and now i get artificially softened water in my house...costs me a fortune (have to use salt in machine) but its worth it. Consider yourself lucky that you're living in Yorkshire and not further south!!!
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    I assume you used your own soap, ie. that you use at home? Otherwise it could be the quality of the hotel soap. Just an idea, sorry if it sounds silly.
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  • Yes we did use soap from home as the bars in hotels are often so tiny.
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