Help needed for my dad...buying his ex out of house

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Hi all,

My dad has been in a relationship with his partner since he split from my mom over 17 years ago.

He has properly cohabited with this women for the past 7 years, when they purchased a property together, she put in a lump sum and they took out a joint mortgage. She does not work and has never paid any bills or mortgage payments. My dad pays for everything, although she does buy her own food and cooks for herself.

They do not really have a relationship anymore and are more like flatmates, but he doesn't want this situation to continue.

My dad now wants to end the relationship and wants to buy her out of the property, but feels that as she has not contributed towards the mortgage, she should not therefore benefit from the equity gained by the reduction in the mortgage. He believes she should just have the money she put in and any equity gained from the rise in value.

Can anyone offer any advice?? or have you been through a similar situation??
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