asking oh to leave

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    Your first duty to both yourself and your children is to protect you/them from harm. This is what you're doing by asking your husband to leave so I think you can put the 'unreasonable' question right out of your mind. It is much much more reasonable to insist that he leaves than to allow him to stay. You have done the right thing. And you should follow up with the police as well and go on to press charges. If he is a problem drinker maybe this is what he needs to have a lightbulb moment.

    Lots of luck!

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    im taking the kids away, hes been told to go, he can see the kids weekends when hes sober, your right how can i love him, he has no respect for me or the kids no more. im taking the kdis away today to see family a bit of a treat. thanx all for your advice will let you know the follow up
    i will be debt free, i will
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