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(by the way, be gentle this is my first post)

Along with a lot of the country I live in a hard water area, Middlesex. I am hopeing to complete on a new house in Feltham before Christmas however I am concerned about the really large build up of Calcium/Limescale? on my taps, appliances and plumbing.

I have rented in the same close as I am buying and have experienced many problems with this build up on my taps etc.

The obvious solution is to buy a filter however (and this is my question) there are a couple of Companies offering different types of filters that fit onto my water inlet at different costs and I have no idea how to compare the pros and cons, yet I don't want to just go on their word or waste money!

I understand that an electromagnetic derived system would appeal in the long term (low running costs and keep good bits found in hard water) but not sure which one.


PS I will be asking for a water meter (thanks to MSE), changing energy supplier (thanks to MSE) and also decided on MDLA (thanks to MSE),
so thank you x 3


  • This is from a thread I posted on back in April, with slight modification:-

    I also live in a hard water area and fitted a Salamander Microwave over 2 years ago. Similar to the ScaleWatcher. I can't believe the difference. Used to have to clean the shower head at least every 3 months and haven't had to touch it since. And the kettle is still clean. I bought mine from Travis Perkins at a discount for £49.94 but think the retail price is around £80. I think if you go direct to Salamander they will sell for around what I paid. I seem to remember being told that when I contacted them after I bought mine.
    In addition to having a 5 year warranty against faulty workmanship it also has a 6 months unconditional satisfaction or money back guarantee. (Proof of purchase required)
    Salamander(Eng) Limited
    Reddicap Trading Estate,
    Sutton Coldfield,
    West Midlands,
    B75 7BY
    Tel: 0121 378 0952
    Or 0121 378 4508

    I should add that the electricity consumption is negligible.

    I had better say that I don't have any connection with this company whatsoever except for being a very satisfied customer.
  • Hey up!
    I had a scalewatcher installed but i'm afraid these (electromagnetic) devices don't live up to the hype. Basically they only work if the water is constantly flowing..if you go away for a while you will find that scale will start to build up again. In the end i bought a water softener and the water is absolutely luxurious... :) You can pick up water softener starting at about £300 (homebase) to £1000 depending on type but sometimes you can get them even cheaper on ebay.

    Hope this helps
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    3364 Kbps Download
    605 Kbps Upload

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