DS1's birthday (4th) Chepstow / Cwmbran area

in Wales
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I'm just starting to plan for DS1's 4th birthday - not until next year but I'm doing my research while I've actually got a bit of time in the summer hols!! We're in Chepstow, and for the last 2 years I've done his party at the leisure centre (hiring a room with a bouncy castle). I'm wondering if anyone else has any good ideas for this area? A lot of the invitees will be from the Cwmbran area which I don't know that well, not sure what opportunities there are for parties in that neck of the woods. One of his friends invited the whole class to Eeezeplay in Newport for a party but I fainted when I worked out what it must have cost for 30 odd kids. I've costed the softplay place in Chepstow (Whirlikids) but I'm wondering whether anyone here has any other (maybe more creative?) ideas.....


  • Hi Samphire

    Not sure how much use this will be to you, but I'm in the Cwmbran area and there's a new leisure development being built in the town centre. If you google Leisure at Cwmbran it should give you some more details . . . website says it's due for completion Summer 2008 (if we get a Summer 2008!).

    Good luck
  • SamphireSamphire Forumite
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    Thanks MrBlueSky:D DH works in Cwmbran, he had no idea that it was being built! Looks like quite a complex, will hold off booking anything until they are open to check their offerings!
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