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How do I make my washing smell scrumptious?

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  • TeriaTeria Forumite
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    I hang all my shirts, trousers etc, from the rail that holds the shower curtain hasn't fallen down yet!
  • carriebradshawcarriebradshaw Forumite
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    when I lived in a flat I used two airers and put them next to the windows so they'd catch the heat from sun and then just kept turning things over every now and again as all the things on the outsides would dry first.Larger things like bedding would dry quickly if hung over a door overnight.That should stop it from getting musty smelling

    I still use my airers now I've got agarden,they're really handy for pegging the smalls on and can be pulled in quickly if it rains
  • angelavdavisangelavdavis Forumite
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    I recommend running an empty machine on a 60 degree wash once a month with some white vinegar in the fabric conditioner section. The high temperature and vinegar clears the gunge from the water pipes to stop that terrible musty smell developing within the machine (apparently more common now due to us washing at lower temperatures and so not killing off bugs that cause the smell).

    In addition, always keep your washing machine door open slightly when not in use.
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  • fizzel81fizzel81 Forumite
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    i would say the mustyness is caused by the indoor drying, i have the same problem when i dry indoors as my house is tiny, ive found drying in the kitchen quicker than the utlity room/conservatry

    ive had to cave in and buy a td for when the colder weather sets in (ive scarcely used it yet) as i found it takes a few washed for the mustyness to disapear from the clothing
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  • culpepper wrote: »
    if your windowsills are suitable, you could have a caravan airer that hangs out of the window, when I lived in flats lots of the neighbours used them.
    Unfortunately I live on the ground floor on a busy street in Glasgow City Centre - not sure the world wants to see my knickers! :eek:

    I'm going to try the lavender oil (I have a voucher for Body Shop that I've had for about a year now so going to get one from there for 'free':money:) and also the vinegar in the cycle.

    I bought a contraption from Mr T's last week for my dishwasher - it clips on the side during a wash but it ended up coating everything in a lemon soap flavour. Drinking tea was stomach churning! :mad: So I'll just put it on empty with that in once a month to keep that clean and fresh!

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  • MagentasueMagentasue Forumite
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    I wonder if you're trying to dry too much at a time, especially if you have a lot of heavy things. Do you have radiators? If so, you could get a system going in the winter where you load your airer with heavier things on the outside and as they are almost dry, finish off on the radiators. Summer, you can make use of open windows. It's better to have two airers half full, than one overloaded.

    Hanging things over the door overnight on hangers helps too - you have to be careful that you're not creating too much moisture, though, or you're back to square one.

    In your situation, I'd be considering a tumble drier even if only for twenty minute blitz to get things properly dry and make space on the airer. But I've had one for years and have a large family so I'm in that mindset - I avoid using a tumble drier but wouldn't be without one.
  • Andy_HamiltonAndy_Hamilton Forumite
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    A simple way of drying clothes quicker (so moisture does not turn stale) is to point a fan at them. A few hours with a 20watt fan costs almost nothing and really gets them dry.
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  • pigpenpigpen Forumite
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    Unfortunately I live on the ground floor on a busy street in Glasgow City Centre - not sure the world wants to see my knickers! :eek:...

    They'll think it is a fiesta.. and party!!!


    If it was mine.. they are easily mistaken for bedding!
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    LOL I use lavender, but how do you when the rinse cycle is on?

    I have pictures of myself sitting by the washing machine waiting for bubbles to disappear LOL!

  • melliecmelliec Forumite
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    Try tesco meadow fresh concentrated fabric softner, it smells lovely. Really strong and imo much better than any others.
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