MoneySavers are an avaricious bunch - not sure I like it



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    Claude wrote:
    I think you are a bit hard on Purplegirluk1. I think she did her best at the time to return the money to the owner. She made a decision which seemed right to her at the time. Who are we to question her? I don't know what I would have done in her place, but I'm not going to judge her. That is too easy!!! .....

    To be frank, Claude, and fair - I did put in my post:
    Queenie wrote:
    ok, so ... what you are *really* saying is ... that you are judge/jury/executioner??? <
    note punctuation ;)

    Truly, (this isn't "personal" merely a question of "perception") ... can you be absolutely, 100% certain

    Purplegirluk1 gave an example - I gave a polite response to that - it may have been an opposing view to her own, but it wasn't inflammatory. That's not my style.
    Claude wrote:
    ...... I'd love to think all the people who say they would take the money to the police station would really do so in the circumstances. It's really easy to make a judgment on others in a hypothetical situation. Is this all to please Martin??????.......

    I can't speak for anyone else - however, personally - nope, I have no need to say/do/think anything to please anyone else - least of all Martin ;)
    Claude wrote:
    What seems to have been forgotten in this discussion is the responsibility of the owner .....

    I would rather the police dealt with crime than with the money I have lost because I wasn't careful enough. When my car was stolen, that's when I would have wanted the police to do something. But perhaps they were too busy looking after lost property!!

    Claude, you sound a bit angry about that. :confused: (I noted the exclaimation marks).
    I'm sorry your car was stolen and that you felt the Police didn't do anything about it. But, following your own philosophy on the matter of lost 'property', isn't the onus of responsibility on the "owner"? ;)

    If someone "finds" something that doesn't belong to them, and keeps it, ... it is theft by finding; similar to the person/s that stole your car.
    It's all relative, £10 to a pensioner/person on benefits/low income, could potentially be *as* great a loss and inconvenience to *them* as the loss of your vehicle was to *you*.
    On the one hand, you say: "who are we to judge" .. but, be fair, *you* are judging that *your* car being stolen is of more importance than someone who loses some money. Like I say, it's all relative.

    Personally, I think that the person who lost that £10 has as much right to feel aggrieved as you do you about your car. And I also feel that in both sets of circumstances the owners have a right to have the items returned! Fortunately, insuring a car is a legal requirement and offers a certain level of ... compensation. Not so when it comes to someone losing money in the street. :(
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    I think most people would do the right thing if faced with someone's property. If this poll was just about finding cash you will get a different result. Much as we all like to think we would try to find the owner of the money if we are all being truely honest it would depend on how much cash we are talking about. If it was a £1/2 coin I think most people would either keep it or pop it in a charity box. If it was an envelope full of tenners I think most people would do the right thing and take it to the Police station. As mentioned if not claimed after 6 months it's yours. If you take to a Police station or shop always get them to record your find with your name and address. Remember to note in 6 months to ring to find out if claimed.
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