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  • Unfortunately the Powershift grants have now closed - see Are LPG grants still available ?

    I was thinking of converting my car to LPG. Will cost about £2000 including VAT and it'll payoff in about a year and a half BUT I need to find the £2000 first and LPG cars are still 'unusual' so tradein values are about £1000 less :wall:

    Ho Hum

    I know you cannot get LPG grants anymore but
    Firstly- you need to check out the prices you got quoted for putting lpg on your motor.
    Second- rethink the prices you`ve been quoted for tradin in on future residual values after LPG install.

    I have dabbled in cars for many years holding trade accounts and buying and selling for my busness and hobby. I can tell you that on certain cars the LPG ad`s tremendous value to a vehicle. example the Range rover 4.0 and 4.6 petrol with LPG has similar values to a diesel alternitive. I have sold many an LPG on Ebay for way over the value of a normal petrol engine. Things that scare dealers especially franchised, are that they cannot sell them for fear of a gas leak explosion etc etc
    If you have got an LPG certificate and a proper install with certs you will get more for most cars on the market, the bigger the engin the better the value on vehicle. i.e. if you got a Gas guzzler jeep,landcruiser, range rover or big engine saloon you will make that car more desireable and its residualvalue will raise for private sale or through most auctions.

    On the price of install I had a quote for installing LPG of £950 from Auto gas worldwide on a range rover single point injection. That was trade but it was only £1200 normal price. Autogas are the one who brought in the certifactes of acrredited fitters that insurance comps accept and train mostly now alll or most of fitters in country.
    hope this helps
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    Smiley_Mum wrote:
    There is information on this link about funding that may be available, given certain conditions, being over 60, disabled, or on certain benefits etc. Money available for improvements or adaptations to your house if you have difficulty getting around or using the bathroom etc. Info on the site re where to ask about these grants and what conditions apply etc.

    When my DH cam out of hospital we were assessd for this - for help with a shower/wet room to be adapted downstairs.
    (He's severely disabled)
    Because we both work and don't claim any benefits - apart from DLA.
    We were told to fund the first £14K.
    (Although it would of been cheaper for him to give up work and then claim benefits so the work done on a grant)
    Ended up having his work colleauge doing a sponsored bike ride to raise enough money for him to be able to have a wet room built.

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    I know someone who received a grant from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation for studying because he wanted to change career to be a counsellor. This was several years ago and was specifically for people changing career. The website has details of how to apply for funding.
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    I received the above to purchase my house which was on the market for £60k. I received a grant totalling £32K to enable me to buy the house (£20k grant/£40k mortgage) and to make alterations recommended by the structural surveyor (the remaining £12k). Without this grant i would have been unable to put my foot on the property ladder. It's available in rural areas of Scotland and it's for people on modest incomes who without it would be unable to purchase/build a house. The downside for those who are buying a house is that it takes forever and vendors could pull out anytime because of the wait, i was lucky as i was renting the house from friends.
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    The above is available to people in the private sector (home owners) who meet certain criteria. Basically low income with kids helps, disabled and over 60's, but worth double checking exactly who qualifies. It is given by most Local Authorities to help with structural repairs, guttering, double glazing etc. A surveyor will check what needs doing on your property, and issue a schedule of works. He will arrange a builder, or choose your own, to carryout the works. You need to pay 20% of the costs, but you can have an interst free loan for 5 years. Definately worth looking into.

    16/06/16 £11446 30/12/16 £9661.49
    01/08/17 £7643.69
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    It would take months to go through this one but there is something there for everyone.
  • hi, not sure what i'm doing really- joined today so sorry if i mess up......
    erm, there is a warm front grant.
    this is a government thing, and i got it. You have to be living in your own home or renting and be claiming benefits such as tax credits and council tax benefit.
    The grant is worth £2,600, you can have wall insulation/ loft insulation or central heating put in under the grant. We had this put in this year and i am so glad i got it. It used to be so cold in my house and the electric and gas cost a fortune, but since we had the heating put in we have saved a fortune!!!
    It took us about 2 months from applying for it to actually having it put in.
    If you have a flat, youj can get 4 radiators, and 5 in a 3 bed house.
    Sorry don't know much else about it, but it is well worth a try.
  • MSE_Martin wrote: »
    Thousands of pounds worth of grants go unclaimed each year and they're available for all sorts of wierd and wonderful projects - from energy savings to studying. I'd like to tap MoneySavers' collective knowledge to find the best ones.

    What else can you find a grant for and what's the best way to get it?

    a month ago I saw a link how to get additional help for housing - I think it was called Disaplinary ( it was like this ) but I can't find it now
    Can anyone help?
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    Was it by any chance Discretionary Housing Payments? Form should be available from your Local Authority. Used mostly when your housing benefit doesn't cover the whole of your rent. Can be a one off payment or regular sums.

    Can't be used for paying off rent arrears or council tax arrears. But you can apply to cover your rent and council tax bill. there are other restrictions - its best to ask your Local Authority what they are.

    They are discretionary so not automatic
    The Cabbage
    Its Advice - Take it or Leave it:D
  • has anyone heard of the grant to buy interview clothing a pay as u go mobile and also a free push bike to get to interviews and work.
    My son in law has just been given a number from the jobcentre to make a claim for all of the above Im going there tomorrow myself to inquire.
    Any one else claimed it or heard about it.
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