Anything good to do in on sunday?

in Wales
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Anything considered, just bored sitting in the house on the sunday with nuffin on telly and bored of the same old shops selling the same old rubbish....

List some things that could be done...



  • elonaelona Forumite
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    Cinema, golf, fishing,amatuer football or rugby.

    Join the territorials or bird watch (I mean the feathered kind)
    photography, nature watch or join a conservation club of some kind.

    Think about what interests you and get googling.

    At the risk of sounding really boring your local library will probably have a list of local clubs and organisations.
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  • how about the museum? Or St Fagans or something? There's good info on
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    the technoparc thing at Cardiff bay is a pretty decent afternoon out - IMHO, 'Big Pit' always looks good, but I've never been. Gower? seeing horses charge about on the beaches is pretty cool...
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    How about visiting some of the beautiful reservoirs of south Wales, the major reservoirs (The Lliw, Llyn Brianne, Llandegfedd and Llys y Fran)

    I know that the Lliw in Swansea has a very nice café with outstanding baguettes plus a great walk from the lower lliw to the main lliw reservoir some 5 km away. A great chance to do some bird watching if that is you thing area with my limited knowledge of birds I believe there are kites, kestrels and some kind of eagles but I have very little knowledge of birds.

    Or how about the National Wetlands Centre Wales, in Llanelli. It can be pricey for a large family but the center arranges regular activities

    another great site for info
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