Motorcycle instructors?

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Following on from the driving instructor post, I realised that maybe someone out here could help me with my 'learning-to..' problem.

Anyone know of anywhere to learn to ride a motorbike and thus to get my license? (I already have my car driving license)

Ideally somewhere around Downpatrick. Belfast or maybe even Lisburn would do.

And I'd need to borrow a bike... not intending on buying a bike until I have my license. I think some places have all the kit that you can use for your lessons.

For some reason finding out info on learning to motorbike is not particularly easy here!



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    most riding schools will incorporate hire of a bike + insurance into the lesson price and they also have helmets/gloves. i learned at RTS Kick Start just off the castlereagh/cregagh Road. First time round i had a real deadbeat of an instructor - he was a part timer doing evening lessons and i failed because i had not been at all well prepared...

    i went back a year later and found out he had been fired due to his incompetence and reported to whatever the relevant authority is. I was annoyed when i found out as the riding school were really apologetic and they would have tried to remediate matters if i'd gone back sooner. but a year had passed and i really needed to start from scratch again. 2nd time around i had an excellent instructor (called johnny, also a part time evening instructor), i passed no sweat after 5 lessons. if you can go during the day their full time instructors are also very highly regarded.
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    I think there is a place in Newtownards just down the road from the driving test centre itself.

    Don't waste time on other peoples first world problems
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    I think there are 3 such places in Lisburn Enterprise Centre if you fancy Lisburn as an option.

    Cheers, Des.
  • I highly recommend Allen's Motorcycle Training... well - I passed first time!

    Details from

    211, Donaghadee Rd, Newtownards, County Down BT23 7QD

    Tel: 028 9181 5296
  • I can't offer recommendations of relevant instructors, i passed my test in Larne with instruction by Noel and his grumpy sidekick in Rider Training Scheme(RTS)(Ledcom Industrial estate).

    What i would say is never invest in more than one lesson to begin with as i experienced similar circumstances to thetope above. Tried RTS in East Belfast a couple of years ago and the guy couldn't have seem more disinterested.

    Had about 4 lessons with Swift Transport Training in stockmans lane, nice guys but as my lesson was a Sunday morning it meant the inevitable stop in a greasy spoon in East belfast for some nose bag, this was made out to be my theory section but was more just macho chat about bhp,cc etc, etc. Anyway i was under the impression i was half decent. Changed over to RTS in Larne with Noel and the grumpy guy(big lad on a blackbird) after an enforced break due to business travel. First lesson was a Sunday morn, lovely autumn day and me thinking i'd show up the other learners, boy did i get a shock. At the half way stage when we stopped in a housing estate to do manouveres, the two of them tore into me for a multitude of dangerous moves and had my bravado decimated in seconds. Basically all instruction i had previously was crap and these two really built up my ability over about 6 lessons before passing my test first time, they also helped out brilliantly on the day when i lost the paper part of the license before my exam. They usually go out together with up to 4 students and they swap over from leading to following so you get two points of view. A kinda bad cop, bad cop routine but i found it the best way to learn and despite the gruffness the best tutors bar none.

    Check out in your area but just a single lesson till you get the measure of the instructors. Some places are keen on you booking up for a raft of lessons.


    PS Passed my test then due to new house the missus wanted double glazing in, Hornet 600 or UPVc windaes...yeah your right the missus won :mad:
  • Thanks for all the replies. It would seem that my choices are Belfast, Newtownards or Lisburn. They're all about the same distance from me so I just have to pick one now.

    I was thinking about doing a 'trial' lesson first to if I like the place and then I can book a block of lessons. I wonder how long it will take me to learn.

    Oh, is there a theory test to do if you already have your driving license? I can't seem to find information on whats required to get your license here. All I know is that there are different requlations to getting one in england (rest of uk?).

    This is exciting. *happy grin*
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    Have you checked out no idea about bikes myself :)

    One of the centres in Lisburn has a full time trainer which I imagine is a plus. I also think one of the companies works on a one to one basis if that is a plus or not I don't know ;)

    But the advice to book a single lesson is certainly great advice.

    Cheers, Des.
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    yes you do have to do a theory test, even if you have a car licence, and also even if you did a theory test for the car licence. it's a bummer. actually i had 2 lessons with noel in larne (mentioned above) given to me as a present and 3 of my friends also learned there and he is excellent (larne was just too far from home for me, and probably are for you too)

    edit: oh, and, like you say, the system here is totally different to mainland uk. there is no compulsary cbt, and no direct access test for over 21s. you have to pass your theory test, then take your practical test on a 125. once you pass, you have a compulsary period of restriction to 33bhp for two years. you can ride whatever bike you want, but it must be restricted to 33bhp if it is normally more. i'm a year into my restriciton and i must say i'm probably one of the few people that agrees with the system as i think it encourages you to gain experience riding before you can ride at silly speeds. but some poeple don't like it and prefer to go to scotland for a 3 or 5 day intensive direct access course in which you do your test on a 500cc machine and it enables you to ride a full powered bikes straight away.
  • Noels grumpy side kick is Ian IIRC :) He's a good laugh when he's in a good mood and the 2 of them know there stuff, took me from absolute beginner to first time pass in about 6 weeks as well :) IIRC it was only about a fiver extra to use the school bikes as opposed to your own and i think they had helmets and gloves if you needed them? I had my own gear so not too sure.
  • oooOOOooo, Not meant in the least bit derogatorily. Ian( I remember him now) was a particularly good instructor and what i noted about both Ian and Noel compared to other instructors i experienced in Belfast was that they actually cared if you were learning or not. My other experiences weren't so positive.

    Likewise Ian and Noel got me through in 6 or 7 lessons and yes even if only occassionaly you'd get a laugh out Ian. ;-}
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