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Why there's a special section
There's is no definitive way to find the cheapest cartridges, no price comparison engines cover it comprehensively. Therefore I thought we could harness Moneysavers power to do this properly

What to do
When you find a cheap supply for your Canon printer, please note what the cartridge was and how much you paid, plus any other hints and tips.

To do it - just click reply to the thread

The following list of cheap suppliers was brilliantly compiled by chatter B4UgoZzz from other peoples post on the sites. They're a good startin point.
PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD OTHERS SUPPLIERS TO THE LIST IN THE THREAD tml Code=NTL =nutronic-ltd&include=0&since=-1&sort=3&rows=50
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Please note, answers don't constitute financial advice, it is based on generalised journalistic research. Always ensure any decision is made with regards to your own individual circumstance.
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  • HadrianHadrian Forumite
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    Keep a look out at Lidl stores. A few months ago they had some for Canon, I created a diversion and collared the lot! I now have a draw full of the things. They were certainly less than half price that I paid previously. ;D
  • I always use for BC02 and BC05 cartridges, they are the cheapest that I can find. Also I always compatibles and have only ever had one problem, and they exchanged it without a quibble. They are postage free too which helps! ::)
  • beefsterbeefster Forumite
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    I save so I can spend.
  • or this...

    Compatibles for my i550 come in at £2 :)

    They also offer a price match service.
  • SystemSystem Forumite
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    I have a Canon i950 inkjet printer which is amazing but as with all inkjets can prove costly at the fuel pump. So, I have explored cheaper alternatives!

    I first tried refilling the cartridges: result, a mess all over the place and very poor ink colours.

    Then, I tried using so-called replacement cartridges. All you need to do is hold them up to the light to realise that the ink colours in the cartridge are completely different from those in Canon original cartridges. My results were appalling and took my back a decade from my state-of-the-art printing to something vaguely colourful. They are probably o.k. for splashes of colour in documents but if you care about colour quality in your photographs, don't go there (and don't bother with such an expensive printer in the first place).

    After many hours of exhaustive research, the best price I can find on the net is

    £7.34 from

    including VAT, with free delivery. Unfortunately, they have gone up in price as they were only £6.64 when I last ordered in July.

    By comparison, PC World currently charge £8.99 per cartridge (inc. VAT) and delivery is £2.95!

    Good luck on the hunt for cheap OEM Canon cartridges!
  • SystemSystem Forumite
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    I have a Canon i950 and buy original Canon cartridges at £5.99 each from; -

    Orders over £30 are shipped free.
  • Some time ago, I was recommended by a Staples employee who knew their business to buy a Canon i550 printer. I have never looked back: I've been absolutely delighted with this printer and all it can do, together with its speed and economy.

    This printer has now been superseded with the i850, if you're interested and at £129 in PC World (list £170-ish), great value.

    As noted above, Lidl had some Canon cartridges a while ago (about a week after I bought my printer!) and this set me on the search for cheap cartridges - not that they are expensive at £8.99 for a black Canon original cartridge!

    My search ended with Viking Direct, who sell them at £3.49 + VAT each. However, replace the letters before the hyphen with Y31 and you'll get the colour cartridges at £2.99 (net) each.

    With Viking, you need to spend £30 exc VAT to qualify for free delivery, but either way, they deliver the next day (even the same day in some cities!). However, considering most cartridges for other printers are in the £30 region for ONE, this doesn't seem such a bad deal. Of course, you could buy other stationery instead of printer carridges to make up your order and there's nearly always a free gift of some description - recently a flask set, luggage and even a TV!

    Don't bother with PC World Canon-compatible cartridges, they aren't much cheaper and unacceptably poor quality - the yellow cartridge turned a black background green!

    £3.99 or £3.49 for 3 or more

    Q21-VK1165 Black
    Q21-VK1166 Cyan (try Y31-VK1166 for £2.99)
    Q21-VK1167 Magenta (try Y31-VK1167 for £2.99)
    Q21-VK1168 Yellow (try Y31-VK1168 for £2.99)

    Viking also sell Canon originals if you prefer for £6.99 (Black) or £6.49 (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow), order 3 or more to reduce the price by 50p/catridge.
  • Just checked out as a result of a previous posting and found their compatibles are £2.78 INC VAT and free delivery. (Delivery 2 to 5 days, though.)

    Can't yet speak for quality but previous poster seems impressed.
  • DJ1UKDJ1UK Forumite
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    I use to get cheap cartridges for my i320 printer.

  • SystemSystem Forumite
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    I to cannot speak too highly of Good prices and excellent service.
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